Monday, August 26, 1963: The bible for Another World is written.

Monday, May 4, 1964: Debut of Another World, created by Irna Phillips and Bill Bell. Broadcast from 3:00-3:30 E.S.T. Original cast members were, from the Matthews family: Liz, Bill, Susan, Jim, Mary, Pat, Alice, Russ, Janet, Granny; Missy Palmer, and Ken and Tom Baxter.

December 1965 - January 1966: The show's epigraph was dropped from the show's opening.

Monday, June 20, 1966: First soap opera to make the transition to color from black and white.

May 24, 1967: First soap opera to make the transition to videotape from live broadcast.

1968 - 1970: Another World may have been the first soap to use the "beauty shot" (end credits featuring actors on set), starting in the late 1960's. Previously, end credits ran over the show's signature card or an empty set.

Wednesday, May 21, 1968: 1,000th episode.

Monday, March 30, 1970: Debut of Another World - Somerset, an Another World spin-off. First soap opera to originate as a spin-off. Sam, Lahoma, Missy, and Ricky transferred from AW. AW renamed Another World - Bay City.

Monday, March 1, 1971: The show returned to the title of Another World instead of Another World: Bay City.

Thursday, May 11, 1972: 2,000th episode (Mary, Gerald, Ted, Paul Rauch, Peggy, Rothenberger, Jim, Ada, Rachel, Michael, and Marianne).

Friday, May 3, 1974: Broadcast for one hour for 10th anniversary show.

Monday, January 6, 1975: Expanded from 30 minutes to one hour. First soap opera to regularly broadcast for one hour. Broadcast from 3:00-4:00 E.S.T.

Monday, May 17, 1976: 3,000th episode.

Friday, December 31, 1976: Cancellation of Somerset.

Monday, January 3, 1977: Debut of Lovers and Friends, an NBC soap with the same head writer and executive producer as AW. Often called an "unofficial" AW spin-off.

Thursday, May 5, 1977: Lovers and Friends put on hiatus for retooling. 105 episodes.

Tuesday, December 6, 1977: Debut of For Richer, For Poorer (2) (3), the revamped version of Lovers and Friends.

Friday, September 29, 1978: Cancellation of For Richer, For Poorer. 200 episodes.

Monday, March 5, 1979: Expanded to ninety minutes. First *ongoing* soap opera to be broadcast for 90 minutes. Broadcast from 2:30-4:00 E.S.T.

Wednesday, April 9, 1980: 4,000th episode.

Monday, June 2, 1980: Debut of post-end credit Procter & Gamble copyright symbol.

Monday, August 4, 1980: Returned to sixty minutes. Broadcast from 2:00-3:00 E.S.T.

Monday, August 4, 1980: Debut of Texas, an Another World spin-off. First soap opera to originate in a sixty-minute format. Iris, Dennis, Kevin, Reena, Striker, and Victoria transferred from AW. Renamed Texas: The New Generation in 1981.

Monday, September 8, 1980: Debut of still-frame end credits.

Monday, September 7, 1981: Debut of Block Letters opening sequence.

1982: Teleprompters discontinued.

Friday, December 31, 1982: Cancellation of Texas.

Monday, March 30, 1987: Debut of "Another World (You Take Me Away To)" song in opening and end credits.

Friday, June 26, 1987: Last appearance by Bill Wolff as the announcer.

Monday, October 26, 1987: Debut of computer-enhanced opening credits.

Monday, February 15, 1988: 6,000th Episode

Monday, July 18, 1988: Debut of rock instrumental theme at end credits.

November 1988: Debut of end-credit freeze frame.

Monday, January 13, 1992: 7,000th episode.

February 1993: Another World becomes available with closed-captioning.

Monday, February 27, 1995: End credits split format.

Monday, October 16, 1995: NBC logo incorporated into end credits.

Friday, December 22, 1995: 8,000th episode.

Monday, March 4, 1996: Debut of fast-paced opening credits.

Monday, April 27, 1998: Debut of post-opening sequence follow-up scene.

Friday, April 30, 1999: Debut of next-day preview.

Friday, June 25, 1999: Final episode.


5th Anniversary, May 4, 1969
Carol Roux (Missy), Jordan Charney (Sam), Lisa Cameron (Susan), Robin Strasser (Rachel), Virginia Dwyer (Mary), George Reinholt (Steve), Jacqueline Courtney (Alice)

7th Anniversary, May 4, 1971
Phil Sterling (Rafe), Hugh Marlowe (Jim), Virginia Dwyer (Mary), Nancy Wickwire (Liz), Michael M. Ryan (John), Lyle B Hill (Executive Producer)

10th Anniversary, May 4, 1974
George Reinholt (Steve) and Jacqueline Courtney (Alice)