Another World Video Library

December 1995 - April 1996 Highlights (T-160)

Freeze Frames

Carl gets Rachel a train set in hopes of jogging her memory

Sharlene wants to know why John used her jeep without permission

Josie is not pleased to catch Gary in Felicia's arms

John tries to save Carl's life after Grant poisons him

Jake is suspicious
of Vicky and Grant

Four women and a baby-to-be

Josie is disappointed when she learns Gary's big secret

Cindy makes first contact

Grant can't resist Josie
in her Vicky get-up

Miscellaneous Highlights

With hijinks like this,
Donna and Cecile
must think it's 1984

Sofia takes advantage of Hudson hospitality

Santa Carl has an extra special present for Grant

The Birth of The Herald.
Jake: "Matt, this could be
the beginning of a
beautiful friendship"

Jake and Donna uncover Vicky and Grant's
secret love nest

Maggie returns from the dead

Chris makes a
dramatic entrance

Carl visits Grant in jail

Jake and Donna lose their mother figure

Frankie and the Fiend that came to dinner

Matt and Jake after a
minor disagreement

Cass cuts a rug with his wife and daughters

Charlie: "I wanna date Nick too!"

Maggie spies on her memorial service

Carl and Jake disrupt the wrong wedding;
meanwhile, Vicky and Grant's wedding continues

Nick and Sofia gape at Center Street's new bag lady

"The bride wore ivory. The flowers were flowery.
And a good time was had by all."