Another World Video Library

December 1997 - May 1998 Highlights (T-160)

Freeze Frames

The return of the leather-jacketed,
motorcycle-riding Jake was short-lived

Shock as Another World comes
crashing down around them

Miscellaneous Highlights

Vicky and Lila squabble
over Shane like vultures
over a corpse

Grant burns down
the Carlino homestead

Alexander indulges his
fetish for ponytails

Jake/Shane knock-down drag-out in the rain

Michael's funeral

Cindy enjoys the new
"T&A" Another World

Carl and Rachel as Cass
and Felicia's "seconds"

Carl tells the grubs the
story of the evil Mac

Donna enjoys Nick's
back-door surprise

Donna puts out Lila's fire

Felicia to Cass:
"Hug Lila Roberts, and
you pull back stumps"

Rachel loses another husband

Michael and Shane sacrificed on the Short-Term Gain altar

Michael's video will, not part of the AWVL

Cass wonders if red wine goes with Pasta "Yoyo"

Marley's last stand