Wayne Addison (Edmund Hashim): (to Bernice Robinson about Steve Frame) "Oh, he is; he is.. but our friend Mr. Curtin is handling all his legal business, my dear..."

Wayne Addison (Robert Milli): (1970) (in his hotel suite to Liz Matthews) "...But I'm sick of all your talk about Lenore. I've got work to do. Get out of my life."
(1971) (in his hotel suite to Walter Curtin) "Here, Walter, take the scarf. I'm through with it...and with her now."

Kevin Anderson: (to Victor Rodriguez, in the courtroom, before being taken to jail) "Carl would have done some serious time. But no. You know better."

Ted Bancroft (Eric Roberts): (to Marianne Randolph in her apartment) "We'd better hurry, honey."

Ted Bancroft (Richard Backus): (to Brian Bancroft's wondering if he was all right) "No, I don't think I am."

Ted Bancroft (Luke Reilly): (to Brian Bancroft at the police station) "I'm sorry, Dad. I'm really sorry."

Greg Barnard: (as Tom Baxter to Pat Randolph) "Just accept it, darling."

Joan Barnard (Patricia Estrin): (to Marianne Randolph outside John Randolph's conference room) "Okay...thanks. Bye."

Ken Baxter: (to Janet Matthews in her office) "Goodbye. I'll never forget you or what you've done."

Laura Baxter: (to Janet Matthews in her office) "Goodbye Janet."

Tom Baxter: (to Pat Randolph in his apartment) "Give me the gun, Pat."

Hope Bauer: (to Michael Bauer about Lee Randolph) "Why not? She likes you so much....I can tell...and you like her, don't you?"

Michael Bauer: (over the phone to John Randolph) "Goodbye, John, and thanks very much for calling."

Roy Bingham: (to Henrietta Morgan in her kitchen) "Yeah, yeah...for your sake."

Miranda Bishop: (to Linda Metcalf in the hospital cafeteria, upon hearing of her nephew's collapse) "Rick?!"

Mitch Blake: (1981) (over the phone to Rachel Cory) "I love you."
(1990, to Felicia Gallant at TOPS) "I love you."

Scott Bradley (Michael Goodwin): (to Ray Gordon and Alice Matthews Frame in their home) "I'll bring Brian over so we can fill him in on things. Goodnight, Ray."

Lefty Burns: (to Lee Randolph in his apartment) "You've got to pay some attention to me, you've got to be nice to me..."

Eliot Carrington (Joe Hannaham): (to Louise about Alice) "Give her a chance. You may even end up liking her as much as Dennis and I do."

Eliot Carrington (James Douglas): (to Alice Matthews Frame at the Nurses Station) "Goodbye."

Chris Chapin: (to Vicky Hudson at the NorthWoods Inn) "Yeah, but I still feel like an idiot. Forgive me, please?"

Cindy Clark: (in her hospital room before dying) "Hold me, Russ...Oh, please, hold me. Where are you?"

Ted Clark: (in his apartment in Chicago, over the phone to Gil McGowan) "Gil, say goodbye to Ada for me, will you please?"

Zachary Colton: (in the courtroom) "So there wasn't any choice, Jordan. You had to die."

Bridget Connell: (to herself in Vicky Hudson's living room) "Victoria..."

Angela Corelli: (to Donna Love in a hotel room) "But you haven't seen the last of me yet."

Katherine Corning: (to Missy Palmer after giving her her grandmother's pearls) "Now the the chain is not broken.

Adam Cory: (to Mac Cory in the hospital) "Thanks, Mac."

Amanda Cory (Dana Klaboe): (to Ada Hobson and Rachel Cory in the living room) "Good night."

Amanda Cory (Sandra Ferguson): (1993, to Grant Harrison in an airport restaurant) "Thank you for listening."

Amanda Cory (Christine Tucci): (to Ryan Harrison and Vicky Hudson, in the Cory Mansion foyer) "Bye."

Amanda Cory (Laura Moss): (to Rachel Cory about an entry in Carl Hutchins' address book, in the Cory Mansion living room) "It's all over this page...Chris Chapin's name, his phone number, his address...and look what Carl put under his name...."

Mac Cory (Robert Emhardt): (to Iris in her living room about taking Liz Matthews' suggestion of talking to Pat Randolph) "She's right, honey."

Mac Cory (Douglass Watson): (to Rachel Cory about Cory Publishing's anniversary, in his office) "Twenty-five of the happiest years of my life. Thanks to you, darling."
(May 1989, to Rachel Cory hearing him from the Cory Mansion living room couch on his deathbed in Maine. Not shown) "Rachel."

Maggie Cory (Robyn Griggs): (to Tomas Rivera in the Frame farmhouse kitchen) "Until now."

Maggie Cory (Jodi O'Keefe): (to Tomas Rivera in the hospital) "What's wrong?"

Maggie Cory (Lisa Brenner): (to Rafael Santiero on Center Street) "Let's run away and never look back."

Matthew Cory (Daniel Dale): (to Sam Fowler about his Brava cover design): "Keep it up."

Matthew Cory (Matt Crane): (1997, to Sofia Carlino at Carlino's) "I'll remember you."

Matthew Cory (Jeff Phillips): (to Lila Roberts in her bedroom) "Goodnight."

Neal Cory: (to Adam Cory walking out of the Cory Mansion living room) "I think I'll see you in a couple of weeks."

Paulina Cory (Cali Timmins): (to herself in the Cory Mansion living room holding a newspaper to her chest) "Grant."

Rachel Cory (Robin Strasser): (1971, to Steve Frame) "I think wives ought to know as much about their husbands as some girl they once spent the night with.
(1972, to Ada Hobson about Ted Clark) "He won't talk to me."

Rachel Cory (Margie Impert): (over the phone to Peggy Harris Nolan) "Thanks. 'Bye, Peggy."

Rachel Cory (Victoria Wyndham): (to Carl Hutchins in the Cory Mansion living room) "All's well that ends well."

Wally Curtin (Dennis McKiernan): (over the phone to Helen Moore) "Grandma. How are you?"

Walter Curtin: (to himself while driving) "My wife... my son! I've lost them all."

Derek Dane: (to Stacey Winthrop in the courtroom) "Take care of yourself, Stacey."

Gerald Davis: (1973, to Rachel Cory in the Frame house) "Aren't you going to say goodbye?"
(1974, to Rachel Cory at the Berryville prison) "Someday, Rachel, you're going to run into somebody who'll out-trick you. And I want to be around when that day comes."

Olivia Delaney: (to Rick Halloway about his residency) "Russ wrote a wonderful recommendation for you. You'll be in."

Robert Delaney: (1970, to Steve Frame in the Randolph reception area) "...You've already arranged to meet Walter Curtin there...and besides, what good will it do you to talk to Addison sooner? I mean, you're so angry..."
(1976, to Iris Wheeler in her house) "I would never burden a child of mine with a mother like you. Goodbye, Iris."

Cecile DePoulignac (Susan Keith): (to Jamie Frame in their penthouse) "But, Jamie, please!"

Cecile DePoulignac (Nancy Frangione): (1984, a yacht in Majorca waving goodbye to Cass) "Cass, you'll always be here in my heart...always have a place in my heart without any sacrifice."
(1986, to Cass Winthrop and Kathleen McKinnon in her hotel room) "Cass, I hate your guts. You were always a lousy lover, and you two losers deserve each other! You, I'm gonna get you!"
(1989, to Cass Winthrop at the airport) "I love you, Cass! Bye-bye!"
(1996, to herself at the airport) "Good-bye, Margeurite. Bye, Cass. Well, here we go again."

Elena DePoulignac (Christina Pickles): (to Dennis Wheeler in her living room) "Goodbye."

Lorna Devon (Alicia Coppola): (hearing Victor Rodriguez's voice on her answering machine at her apartment) "You I'm gonna miss most of all."

Lorna Devon (Robin Christopher): (to Felicia Gallant about her disguise, from her hospital bed) "So how's my new look, hmm?"

Tracy DeWitt (Caroline McWilliams): (To Scott Bradley about Mac Cory) "Then you let him know if Iris ever tries to cause trouble between him and Rachel again."

Tracy DeWitt (Janice Lynde): (to Jason Dunlap about Ilsa Fredericks in her Vegas hotel room) "She's really not a very nice lady."

Fred Douglas: (to Susan Matthews Shearer) Let s write and tell each other what we re thinking.

Tony Douglas: (1967, at the "Top of the Tower," to Alice Matthews Frame) "No, I was making too much noise myself."
(1970, to Alice Matthews Frame about finding love again) "Sure you will. Sure you will."

Ernie Downs: (to Ada in their house) "But I told you I don't want to fly, Ada. I ain't never flown and I'm too old to start."

Mitchell Dru: (to a crowd at his farewell party) "and I swear I ll be back... because I do love you all so much..."

Amy Dudley: (in Miranda Bishop's house) "Goodbye, Miranda."

Jason Dunlap: (to Steve Frame at the Connection) "She's the only woman I ever loved. Tracy. Tracy."

Justine Duvalier: (to Grant Harrison in the Cory Mansion living room) "Your secret dies with me."

Julie Ann Edwards: (to Amanda Cory at Cory Publishing) "I'll call you."

Zack Edwards: (to Cass Winthrop and Frankie Frame's at the Cafe Paradise) "Thanks for a hell of a party."

Dee Evans: (to Felicia Gallant about Zane Lindquist at the church) "I know I should say something consoling, you know. But I miss him."

Blaine Ewing Cory (Laura Malone): (to Jamie Frame at L'Auberge) "Thank you. I'll be right back. Excuse me."

Catlin Ewing: (to a crowd at Mary's Place) "Bye."

Clarice Ewing: (to Felicia Gallant in the Cory living room) "I'm so sorry, Felicia."

Cory Ewing (Carmine Rizzo): (In the Cory Mansion living room in response to Ada Hobson's question about the game room) "Yeah."

Larry Ewing: (to Jake McKinnon at Mary's Place) "Maybe you should talk to Vince about some hazard pay."

Danny Fargo: (to Flo Murray before being shot) "Gimme that gun, you crazy broad."

Alli Fowler (Hillary Scott): (to Ryan Harrison and Vicky Hudson, in the Cory Mansion foyer) "Bye-bye!"

Alli Fowler (Lindsay Lohan): (to Carl Hutchins, in the Cory Mansion foyer about Cory and Elizabeth Hutchins) "Well, when do they get to come home?"

Sam Fowler (Robert Kelker Kelly): (to Amanda Cory in their loft) "Who said anything about sleep?"

Sam Fowler (Danny Markel): (to Mark Allen about Amanda Cory at TOPS) "Then what do you want?"

Sam Fowler (Brian Green): (to Amanda Cory in a hotel room) "Please don't ask me to choose between you and my work."

Charlie Frame Winthrop (Kellyann Murphy): (to Cass Winthrop on Center Street, going to summer camp) "I love you, Daddy. Bye. Bye, Daddy."

Charlie Frame Winthrop (Lauren Pratt): (while reading to Jasmine Cory) "Look, Jasmine, that's The Grinch. See how red and scrunched-up his face is?"

Charlie Frame Winthrop (Brittany Finamore): (after Cass Winthrop and Lila Roberts' wedding) "This is the best fireworks ever, the best wedding ever, and I'm going to remember it forever."

Dean Frame: (to Jenna Norris outside their Bayview Court apartment) "Did I ever tell you that I love you?"

Emma Frame Ordway (Beverlee McKinsey): (to Steve Frame in the Frame living room) "Well, now, you got things to do, so why don't I pack my satchel while Alice is fixing my breakfast."

Emma Frame Ordway (Tresa Hughes): (1976, to Sharlene Frame in the Frame living room) "If Willis starts anything, I'll come back and put a stop to it once and for all."

Emma Frame Ordway (Elizabeth Ashley): (outside the Frame farmhouse) "Oh."

Evan Frame (Charles Grant): (to Amanda Cory at the Cory gazebo) "I'll be seeing you, Amanda. At night, in your dreams. I'll be there, for the rest of your life."

Evan Frame (Eric Scott Woods): (To Justine who is impersonating Rachel about her threat to stay away from Amanda) "How are you going to do that Rachel?"

Frankie Frame: (to Fax Newman, her killer, at the Cory icehouse) "I beg of you. I have a child." (Note: Alice Barrett herself added these lines.)

Gwen Frame: (to Mac Cory about Rachel in the Cory Mansion living room) "Why did she shoot Mitch Blake?"

Jamie Frame (Robert Doran): (to Dennis in their loft) "You call Mac, then I'll check on plane reservations, okay?"

Jamie Frame (Tim Holcomb): (to Ada Hobson after agreeing to write Rachel Cory a goodbye note) "Okay, then."

Jamie Frame (Richard Bekins): (to Rachel Cory at a payphone out of town) "I love you. Bye bye."

Jamie Frame (Laurence Lau): (to Sam Fowler and Amanda Cory about Rachel) "She looked good. I just- I think that she may be finally getting past Mac's death."

Jamie Frame (Russell Todd): (to Kelsey Harrison at the hospital) "I'll remember."

Janice Frame (Victoria Thompson): (to Gil McGowan in his kitchen) "Bye. Give my love to Ada."

Janice Frame (Christine Jones): (to Rachel Cory in St. Croix) "No. Don't run away. If you do, I'll kill Mac."

Jason Frame: (In flashback with Nicole Love) "Oh, are you trying to play with me?"

Mimi Haines Frame: (to Vince Frame in his hospital room) "It means leaving Bay City. Do you want that?"

Sally Frame (Cathy Greene): (to Joey Perrini at her going-away party) "Come on, Joey."

Sally Frame (Julie Philips): (to Blaine Ewing Cory in her apartment) "Blaine, people don't care where you came from."

Sally Frame (Mary Page Keller): (to Catlin Ewing) "I love you. I really, really love you."

Sally Frame (Taylor Miller): (to Catlin Ewing from her hospital bed) "I love you... I'm not scared. Tell Kevin I love him. And remember me."

Sharlene Frame (Laurie Heineman): (to Alice Matthews Frame about being happy) Yeah, someday, if I m lucky.

Sharlene Frame (Anna Kathryn Holbrook): (1991, in the Frame farmhouse kitchen, after giving John Hudson a spontaneous kiss and him asking "What was that for?") "Because I love you so much."
(1997, to John Hudson outside BCUH) "Goodbye.... Yeah....yeah..."

Steve Frame (George Reinholt): (to Alice Matthews Frame in their cottage) "Sure... I'm going to miss this as much as Jamie will."

Steve Frame (David Canary): (to Rachel Cory's insistence that he pull over to avoid an oncoming car) "I'll try as soon as I can find a place."

Vince Frame: (to Gwen Frame in his hospital room) "No. Especially not Willis."

Willis Frame (John Fitzpatrick): (to Angie Perrini from his hospital bed) "As far as I'm concerned, you don't exist..."

Ilsa Fredericks: (to Jason Dunlap about his impending death at the Connection) "And then you'll drive to the bay."

Brett Gardner: (to Morgan Winthrop at her apartment) "You're someone's dream come true, Morgan."

Dave Gilchrist: (to Corinne Seton in her apartment) "Call me in Boston if you need moral support, huh?"

Beatrice Gordon: (to Alice Matthews Frame in the Frame living room) "We'll wait for you in the car. Come along, Sally."

Raymond Gordon (Ted Shackelford): (to Liz Matthews about Alice and Sally Frame) "They're here now, Liz."

Raymond Gordon (Gary Carpenter): (to Greg Barnard about Olive Randolph) "Now, how about leaving me alone to deal with more important things than my ex-wife.

Vivien Gorrow: (1980, to Jamie Frame in the Cory Mansion living room) "Oh please it's no trouble at all, are you kidding? I was gonna pack these kids off to bed and I'll be right back."
(1990, to Iris Wheeler in her suite about Jake McKinnon) "For that night that he was shot. You can't say where you were, but I could come up with something if you need me to."

Lisa Grady: (to Matthew Cory outside her apartment) "Okay."

Alex Gregory: (at the hospital about Karen Gregory) "I'm not going to change, Ernest. That means she's got to...and I can't make her see that. I thought maybe you could."

Ernest Gregory: (to Janet Matthews in her office) Janet, what are you saying?

Karen Gregory: (to Janet Matthews at the hospital snack bar) "Thank you."

Daphne Grimaldi: (to Carl Hutchins in her bedroom before being thrown on her bed) "We've got to get out of here. No! No!"

Jerry Grove (Kevin Conroy): (in Miranda Bishop's living room to Kit Halloway Perrini about her smiling) "Yes, you have been."

Jerry Grove (Paul Tinder): (to Larry Ewing at the police station) "I'm sorry for everything."

Margo Grove: (in a car to the man attacking her) "What?"

Kit Halloway Perrini: (to Jerry Grove in her apartment) "Goodbye."

Rick Halloway: (to Marianne Randolph in response to her liking his kisses) "You do? It's going to be a great morning."

Taylor Halloway: (to Joey Perrini and Rick Halloway in Gwen Frame's office) "What does either one of you really know about life?"

Quinn Harding: (to the Sin Stalker in the police department parking lot) "I'll help you. I'll get someone to help you."

Grant Harrison (Dack Rambo): (to Spencer Harrison in a hotel room) "I never doubted that you love me."

Kelsey Harrison: (to John Hudson at the Frame farm) "Goodbye, John."

Ryan Harrison: (1996, to Vicky Hudson, from his hospital bed) "I love you. I always have. I always will." (As a ghost, to Carl Hutchins, in the Cory Mansion living room) "Remember me."
(1997a, in Heaven, after Vicky Hudson had left him behind) "I love you, Vicky. I love you forever. It's not too late. I can feel it. You have strength in your body. Find it, Vicky. Fight for me. Fight to go home."
(1997b, to Carl Hutchins in Vicky's living room) "It's not over. It's never over. I'll always be here. I love you, Dad."

Spencer Harrison: (1995, to Amanda Cory in her room at the Harrison Mansion) "I love you."

Vic Hastings: (to Pam Sloan's wondering if he'd mind if she skipped dinner) "Of course not."

Ada Hobson: (November 1992, the Cory Mansion in response to Cass Winthrop staying for Thanksgiving dinner) "So have we...Poof."
(May 1993, to Rachel Cory from her deathbed in Phoenix, Arizona. Not shown) "See you around, kid."

Charley Hobson: (to Ada Hobson about him having sweet dreams) "Okay."

Leigh Hobson: (to Sally Frame in their apartment) "I'm gonna miss you, Sally."

Clara Hudson (Scotty Bloch): (to Michael Hudson) "I don't have to. Nurse Cratchet here takes all the care in the world."

Clara Hudson (Kate Wilkinson): (to Michael and John Hudson) "Oh. Ooh, but I would like to talk to Donna for just a moment before the wedding."

Gregory Hudson (Johnny Nelson): (At BCGH with Sharlene Frame, to John Hudson) "I gonna live with you again, Daddy?"

Gregory Hudson (Morgan Hodgen): (At Carlino's to Kirkland Harrison about Grant Harrison) "Is he divorced too?"

Gregory Hudson (Christopher Marquette): (At Gary Sinclair and Josie Watts wedding reception, to Josie) "You know you look like a princess."

John Hudson: (The hospital to Felicia Gallant about whether she has changed her mind about fishing) "Maybe...We'll never know."

Marley Hudson (Ellen Wheeler): (1986, with a large crowd to Jake McKinnon) "All right, you spin me all the way around and when I have my back to them stop."

Marley Hudson (Anne Heche): (1989, to Jake McKinnon in their apartment) "If I ever come back to Bay City, I will be a completely different person. You can count on that."
(1991, over the phone to Vicky Hudson) "I love you."

Marley Hudson (Jensen Buchanan): (1998, to Donna Love in a hospital room) "Jake....Jake."

Michael Hudson: (1992, to his taxi driver) "Let's get this show on the road. We got a plane to catch."
(1998, to himself before crashing his car into Shane Roberts' car) "I can't see a thing."

Nick Hudson (Justin Chambers): (the hospital to himself) "Maggie."

Nick Hudson (Kevin McClatchy): (The Herald, banging his head on the door on his way out) "Damn."

Vicky Hudson (Ellen Wheeler): (at a beach house to Jake McKinnon about being rescued) "If you had known that it was me here with this guy instead of Marley, would you still have come?"

Vicky Hudson (Rhonda Lewin): (to Reginald Love in the Love Mansion) "Michael is my father. I'm not going to listen to you anymore."

Vicky Hudson (Anne Heche): (On a plane, to Ryan Harrison) "Bon voyage."

Carl Hutchins: (1985, to Jamie Frame at the station house) "You tell your old man that this is far from over, hmmm? You tell Mr. Mackenzie Cory, mark each word, it will be finished."
(1991, in jail) "I'll be back. Sooner than you think. Yes. Yes, I'm already looking forward to the rematch. Yes..."
(July 1992, saying goodbye to Ryan Harrison at his office) "Until the next time."
(November 1992, to Ryan Harrison after visiting him) "Goodnight, sweet prince. You know how to reach me. White Knight to Black King."
(1993, to Ryan Harrison, at Grant's) "Ryan, I love you, lad. With all my heart. There, I said it."
(1998, to Rachel Cory who has just exited, in BCUH's E.R.) "Goodbye, my love. Goodbye."

Perry Hutchins: (to Vicky Hudson from the Love barn loft) "You're not getting away with this."

Caroline Johnson: (to Pat Randolph in the kitchen about being fired) "You want me to leave tonight?"

Neil Johnson: (while pummeling Willis Frame) "I should have done this months ago."

Ken Jordan: (to Rachel Cory at the airport) "Don't worry, I'm not counting on it."

Sylvie Kosloff: (to Dennis Wheeler, who was about to drive her to the airport) "Why don't you wait until I powder my nose?"

Marshall Kramer (Randy Brooks): (outside BCGH with Dana Kramer and Rita Madison) "Sweetheart, take your own advice. Don't go without something that will make you happy. Rita"

Marshall Kramer (Dean Irby): At the Romance Novelist of the Year banquet, to Felicia Gallant, "Cass Winthrop does not deserve your doubts. That man has stood by you...almost as much as I have."

Carol Lamonte: (to Therese Lamonte in her suite) "Goodbye, Mother."

Therese Lamonte: (singing alone on Iris Wheeler's patio) "Okay, I hear you blackbird, I hear you...I'm on my way...Bye-bye..."

Scott LaSalle: (to Cheryl McKinnon at the Fourth of July picnic) "I love you, too. Come on. Let's go."

June Laverty: (to Iris Wheeler in her suite) "I don't care how bad Jeff was--I still wish he were alive and free, and that you were in jail for Kirk's murder."

Kirk Laverty: (to Iris Wheeler in her nightmare) "Don't be a fool, Iris!"

Reuben Lawrence: (to Josie Watts in a bar) "Yeah. Let's go."

Ronnie Lawrence: (to Paulina Cory at a clinic) "Thanks for staying around, Paulina. You've been good company."

Helga Lindeman: (to Iris Wheeler in the Cory mansion) "Perhaps that is the best solution."

Regine Lindeman: (to Michael Randolph) "Bye, bye, Mike...and good luck in everything."

Zane Lindquist: (to Felicia Gallant from his hospital bed) "I love you, Fanny Grady. One classy lady."

Donna Love (Anna Stuart): (1986, being removed from her bedroom on a stretcher, clutching three pillows) "Don't take my babies away from me. They're mine."

Donna Love (Philece Sampler): (to Vicky Hudson in the church) "Victoria, we have got to talk about Jake and Marley."

Nicole Love (Laurie Landry): (to Michael Hudson, over the phone) "Please be careful, okay?"

Nicole Love (Anne Howard): (being dragged away by John Hudson and Jamie Frame in the hospital) "Cass!"

Peter Love (John Hutton): (in the hospital with Mark Singleton about Emily Benson) "I could kick myself for being so stupid and gullible."

Peter Love (Marcus Smythe): (to Reginald Love at TOPS) "Just add it to my tab"

Reginald Love: (to Michael Hudson, hanging from his hand over the side of the Love Tower) "Hudson, no! Please!"

Lucas: (to Lorna Devon, on his deathbed) "No, don't leave. Not now."

Sam Lucas: (1970, in Robert Delaney's office about Wayne Addison) "I hope...well, I just hope you find out the truth, that's all. Robert, I'll come back later."
(1974, to Ada Hobson over the phone) "Okay, Lahoma's waiting for me... Merry Christmas, Ada.... and thanks for all you've done."

Philip Lyons: (to Brian Bancroft in his office) "Bye."

Lily Mason: (to Carter Todd at Mary's Place) "No more tears. We'll all be back. Won't we, Carter?"

Alice Matthews Frame (Jacqueline Courtney) (1975, to Willis Frame in her house) "Oh, we can't let that happen. Sally says she never misses a plane."

Alice Matthews Frame (Susan Harney): (to Dan Shearer in her cottage) "I may bring Sally with me."

Alice Matthews Frame (Wesley Ann Pfenning): (to Pat Randolph in her apartment) "Thanks again, Pat."

Alice Matthews Frame (Vana Tribbey): (in the hospital as Mac Cory played with Amanda Cory) "Oh, Mac."

Alice Matthews Frame (Linda Borgeson): (to Rachel Cory) "Steve still loves me in a way he'll never love you."

Bill Matthews: (to a crowd of people while leaving his house and waving goodbye) "Come on...Let's go before we all break down."

Granny Matthews: (to Tom Baxter in the Matthews' living room) "You'll excuse me, Mr. Baxter."

Janet Matthews: (to Pat Randolph) "Nothing you can say will change my mind, Pat. I'm going to California for the summer and I hope you'll wish me a happy stay."

Jim Matthews (John Beal): (to Mary Matthews about the evening weather) "And all the stars are out."

Jim Matthews (Leon Janney): (to Mary Matthews about Tom Baxter and Pat Randolph) "Whatever it is, if it is serious between them, they'll iron it out without your help or mine."

Jim Matthews (Shepperd Strudwick): (to Alice Matthews about the time) "Yes, I know, but Steve says it's just going to take another few minutes."

Liz Matthews (Audra Lindley): (In her living room) "Bill Matthews, I can stay anywhere I want! This is a free country!"

Liz Matthews (Nancy Wickwire): (to Jim and Mary Matthews while going to the phone) "Thanks. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Liz Matthews (Irene Dailey): (1993, to Dennis Wheeler and Marley Hudson at his apartment) "I have to run dears. Bye Dennis."

Mary Matthews: (to Liz Matthews on the patio of Steve's St. Croix house) "And I'm grateful to Jim for making my life so much easier than most people's. Now, do you want to say hello to Pat?"

Olivia Matthews: (to Marley Hudson, in a hotel elevator) "Just wish me luck."

Russ Matthews (Joey Trent): (to Jim Matthews in his dining room) "Thanks, Dad."

Russ Matthews (Sam Groom): (to Jim and Mary Matthews about Cindy Clark) "In any case, there's nothing I can do about it -- and I'm not going to give up Cindy because of it."

Russ Matthews (Robert Hover): (at Steve Frame's to Janice Frame) "My pleasure. Bye."

Russ Matthews (David Bailey): (1978, to Jim Matthews in Alice Matthews Frame's living room) "Thanks, Dad."
(1981, to Jerry Grove in his office) "I know you told me. I want you to promise me."
(1989, to Liz Matthews, Josie Watts, and Olivia Matthews) "Oh, for god's sake. Fine, I am finished gushing. I am out of here right now."

Susan Matthews Shearer (Fran Sharon): (Liz Matthews' house, to Bill about leaving home) "You're a sweet guy, Bill, but I can't promise you anything."

Susan Matthews Shearer (Roni Dengel): (in Pat and Alice's bedroom) "You will, Pat. And take care of yourself."

Susan Matthews Shearer (Lisa Cameron): (about the news that Russ Matthews and Cindy Clark were close to setting a wedding date) Oh that s wonderful! I m so glad.

Susan Matthews Shearer (Lynn Milgrim): (1979, to Alice Matthews Frame in her cottage about Sally Frame) "If she needs further counseling, I can recommend someone in Bay City."
(1982, to Jamie Frame in the Matthews house) "I wish that you find the right woman soon and whoever she is I know that she's a very lucky lady."

Burt McGowan (Joseph Hindy): (to Ada Hobson on the Cory estate) "Yeah, thanks. I'll try."

Burt McGowan (William Russ): "Look, I m going in to say goodbye to Cory."

Nancy McGowan: (to Ada Hobson on the Cory estate) "Well, I'll be seeing you, Mom."

Gil McGowan (Richard Dysart): (to Ada in her living room) "Can I count on you for that?"

Gil McGowan (Charles Durning): (to Ada in her kitchen about helping Ted Clark) "There is. You keep in touch with me and let me know what's going on so we can keep it from getting out of hand, okay?"

Gil McGowan (Dolph Sweet): (to Ada walking out the front door) "Hasta la vista, sweetheart."

Tim McGowan: (to Ada in her kitchen) "Bye, Ada. I'm going to miss you."

Ben McKinnon: (to Marley outside Smiley's Diner) "I'm gonna miss you. Bye."

Cheryl McKinnon: (before giving Vince McKinnon a hug goodbye at her home) "Goodbye, Pops."

Jake McKinnon: (1986, to Marley Hudson in response to her instructions on throwing the bridal bouquet) "You got it."
(1995, toasting himself in the back of a limousine) "Cheers."

Kathleen McKinnon: (1986, to Vince McKinnon in his car) "Shut up and drive."
(1991, to a handsome man who offered her a drink) "Sure, what the hell, hold the olive."

Mary McKinnon: (to Vince McKinnon before walking out of their home) "Come on, kid, let's hit the road."

M.J. McKinnon (Sally Spencer): (to Vince, Mary, and Cheryl McKinnon at Mary's Place) "I love all you."

Vince McKinnon (Duke Stroud): (in a car, to Cass Winthrop and Kathleen McKinnon about leaving town with him) "This is nonsense. I'm in charge here and neither of you are coming."

Vince McKinnon (Robert Hogan): (walking out of the kitchen, leaving his old house) "I am gonna fix that screen door one of these days."

Gabe McNamara: (to Cindy Brooke in front of BCGH) "Come on, we're almost there."

Linda Metcalf: (to Russ Matthews in his office) "Dr. Matthews, Sandy would like to see you."

Hannah Moore: (to Matthew Cory in the Cory Mansion about him missing her) "You too."

Helen Moore: (1968, to Walter Curtin at the Bay City Country Club) "I'd love to Walter and you came just at the right moment."
(1976, in the Cory Mansion kitchen) "Goodbye, Beatrice."

Lenore Moore (Judith Barcroft): (to Pat Randolph in the Randolph house about Caroline Johnson) "Oh, Pat, she won't feel tied down. After all, she loves the babies, and she's so fond of you and John..."

Lenore Moore (Susan Sullivan): (to Vic Hastings about Wally talking to Helen Moore) "I know she would, but Wally might accidentally give away where we are, and I'm not ready to let anyone know that yet."

Flo Murray: (in the Matthews house) "I have to do something. I don't want just to sit here and think and wonder..."

Madge Murray: (to Ernie Downs in the Matthews backyard) "When I'm gone, keep an eye on Ada, will you?"

Peggy Harris Nolan: (to Ray Scott in the Metcalf household) "Please stay, Ray."

Jenna Norris: (to Felicia Gallant, Lorna Devon, and Victor Rodriguez at Bayview Court) "I love you. Take care of them, OK? Bye."

Rocky Olsen: (to Louise Goddard Brooks about Sven Petersen in Iris Wheeler's living room) "Yes, but we still don't have anything concrete against him."

Molly Ordway Randolph: (to Michael Randolph in the Matthews living room) "Let me go, Michael. It's better for both of us."

Ken Palmer (Kelly Monahan): (to Robert Delaney) "Goodnight, Mr. Delaney."

Ken Palmer (William Lyman): (to Rachel Cory) "And I'll carry a memory of you that will always be mine. Goodbye."

Missy Palmer (1969, leaving her and Bill Matthews' house waving goodbye to a crowd) "Everyone is so...everyone is so...Oh! I love you all so much."
(1970, to Liz Matthews) "Well, I m glad to hear that everything s fine."

Angie Perrini (Toni Kalem): (to Alice Matthews Frame about Jim Matthews' cost figures) "They're already on their way to him."

Joey Perrini (Ray Liotta): (to Kit Halloway in their apartment) "Maybe we should just get married in the living room."

Brittany Peterson: (to a crowd at Mary's Place) "Bye, everybody."

Sven Petersen: (the Cory pumphouse about the police) "They'll never get here."

Ian Rain: (to Josie Watts at their Bayview court apartment) "I love you, too."

John Randolph: (to Alice Matthews Frame at Grace Hewitt's burning cabin) "I'm going outside and help you down. Go Alice. Go."

Lee Randolph (Gaye Huston): (to Pat Randolph in the Randolph house) "I said leave me alone!"

Lee Randolph (Barbara Rodell): (to Sam Lucas in her hospital bed) "Darling Sam... I love you... Time and time and time and time... going on and on... always going on... never stopping..."

Marianne Randolph (Jill Turnbull): (to Pat Randolph on the Randolph terrace about Steve Frame) "Even Daddy --"

Marianne Randolph (Ariane Muenker): (to Ted Bancroft in her apartment) "I'm ready."

Marianne Randolph (Adrienne Wallace): (to Pat Randolph in her apartment) "And I will miss you terribly."

Marianne Randolph (Beth Collins): (to Rick Halloway in bed) "That's nice. I like that."

Michael Randolph (Tom Sabato Jr): (to Pat Randolph on the Randolph terrace about Steve Frame) "Some kids at school...they said he's a crook."

Michael Randolph (Christopher J. Brown): (to Jim Matthews and John Randolph) "Right, Grandpa. See you later, Dad."

Pat Randolph (Susan Trustman): (to Lee in the kitchen) "No, Lee, no! No, don't."

Pat Randolph (Beverly Penberthy): (handing the phone to Liz Matthews) "Aunt Liz, it's for you."

Tomas Rivera: (at the Harbor Club) "Happy New Year!"

Shane Roberts: (to Lila Roberts in BCUH's E.R.) "Vicky."

Bernice Robinson: (in flashback with Mark Venable at the Randolph terrace) "Mark! Mark, stop...Help me..."

Chad Rollo: (to Mary and Vince McKinnon at Mary's Place) "Thanks you all."

Dawn Rollo: (to Mary McKinnon, about her AIDS virus, at Mary's Place) "I'm just a little tired. But, I wantyou to know two things, always. I love Scott and I love you. Okay? Goodbye."

Alma Rudder: (to Maisie Watkins at Smiley's Diner) "I'm gonna take a break. I'm beat."

Charlie Rushinberger: (to Madge Murray) "Yeah...Okay. You take care of yourself Madge, you hear me?"

Jordan Scott: (to his killer in his house) "You've got to help me."

Loretta Shea: (in a car to Harry Shea) "Honey, what kind of ice cream do you want?"

Dan Shearer (John Cunningham): (to Russ Matthews about him and Cindy Clark setting a wedding date) Fine with me.

Dan Shearer (Brian Murray): (to Liz Matthews, Pat Randolph, and Jim Matthews at his house) "All we know is that we're flying to Boston tomorrow."

Eileen Simpson Perrini: (to Joey Perrini at the hospital) "We're going to be so happy together."

Caroline Stafford: (in Ryan's apartment to Grant and Ryan Harrison) "One... steady, go."

Jordan Stark: (Joseph Barbara) (to Zak Wilder) "We made quite an impact on Bay City tonight. A night they'll never forget."

Jordan Stark: (David Andrew MacDonald) "No! Amalie, Amalie, Amalie, Amalie..."

Jeff Stone: (1977) "I'm off the hook, Vera. Find another gigolo."
(1979, in Iris Wheeler's suite) "Okay, Vivien, I've had enough interference from you--"

Vic Strang: (to a crowd in Christine Wylie's mansion) "I need to pack."

Cliff Tanner: (to Michael Randolph) I ll wait to hear from you or Greg, right?

David Thatcher: (to Sally Frame, upstairs at the Bay City Country Club) "You don't say no to me anymore, Sally. You understand? Not about anything."

Kevin Thatcher: (to Mac Cory at Mary's Place) "I'm not hungry Uncle Mac. Thank you."

Carter Todd: (to Lily Mason at Mary's Place) "Right."

Thomasina Todd (Pamela G. Kay): (To Carter Todd about his scholarship offer at Mary's Place) "Lemme see that!"

Tony the Tuna: (1985, to Cass Winthrop in his suite) "This isn't over."

Mark Venable: (to Robert Delaney in an office) "Goodbye, Robert."

Philip Wainwright: (to the cabbie) "I have to catch a plane in less than an hour."

Courtney Walker: (to Evan Frame at the station house) "Good line."

Wallingford: (To Felicia Gallant at TOPS) "Get going."

Maisie Watkins: (to Dave Wilcox at TOPS garage) "Well, I'll come with you".

Josie Watts (Alexandra Wilson): (to Matthew Cory on the Frame porch about the perfect woman in his future) "Whoever she is, she's gonna be lucky."

Josie Watts (Amy Carlson): (to Gary Sinclair in their bedroom about leaving to attend a special FBI training program) "I'll do it. You're a terrible packer."

Barbara Weaver (Roberta Maxwell): (to John Randolph) "Now, excuse me, while I see about that dinner I'm giving you."

Barbara Weaver (Kathryn Walker): (to John Randolph) "Don't make it any more difficult than it already is."

Evan Webster: (Randolph living room to John) "I'm not bluffing."

Dennis Wheeler (Mike Hammett): (to Jamie Frame in their loft) "You bet it's okay. You've saved my life!"

Dennis Wheeler (Chris Bruno): (at the Cory pool defending Jake McKinnon) "He's a guy that was misguided, but he's got a lot of moxie I'll tell you that right now."

Iris Wheeler (Beverly McKinsey): (to Ryan Connor and Terry Dekker about Alex Wheeler) "It's too late to go back."

Iris Wheeler (Carmen Duncan): (to the female guard at the jail) "Life is too short for regrets."

Buzz Winslow: (1980, to Jordan Scott in Blaine Ewing Cory's apartment) "Yeah, I understand."
(1982, to Sandy hanging from a cliff) "Well, just look at the pretty boy, now, huh?"

Cass Winthrop: (1986, to Vince McKinnon in his car, supplementing Kathleen's exit line) "You heard the lady."

Stacey Winthrop (Terry Davis): (in the Singleton house while looking around the room) "Well, I guess everything is done."

Stacey Winthrop (Hilary Edson): (to Michael Hudson in his car, about their relationship) "It really shoulda worked. Goodbye."