Felicia and Jamie Jamie Frame
Felicia couldn't keep her hands off Jamie when he came to work on his writing at her place in 1983.

Felicia and Peter Peter Love
Felicia came on to Peter at least once during a private business meeting in 1983.

Vince McKinnon
Vince and Felicia flirted in 1984.

Freeze Frame Marshall Kramer
Marshall became Felicia's book editor in April 1994. At first they didn't get along at all. Felicia felt that Marshall was being draconian in his editorializing. He eventually softened in his ways, and became quite intrigued with Felicia.

Eventually Felicia let Marshall know that she didn't want to be more than friends. But even afterwards, Marshall would throw himself at her and tell her how beautiful she was every single time he saw her.

Felicia and Marshall were destined to become daytime television's first couple involving a black man and a white woman. Public pressure (whether real or imagined is uncertain) compelled Procter & Gamble to put a halt to the romance.

Freeze FrameRyan Harrison
In fall of 1992, after Lucas had died, and Vicky and Grant were making marriage plans, Felicia and Ryan shared an intimate candlelit dinner in her suite, where they came within inches of outright flirtation.