Noah GradyFAMILY

Felicia's father died of a heart attack when she was 8 years old (Her birth name has never been revealed). Her mother married a minister, Noah Grady, and died when Felicia was 15. Noah never legally adopted Felicia and Robert, but did raise and give them his last name. Although in 1989 it was stated "Grady" was not her real last name, this fact was henceforth ignored by the show. For years, Felicia believed she had killed tyrannical step-father Noah during a quarrel in 1966, but learned in 1989 that Derek Dane had killed him in self-defense.

Freeze FrameChildren
Lorna Devon. Felicia had a child with her childhood lover, Lucas. Felicia had been given Twilight Sleep during labor, and was later told by her aunt Abigail (Noah's sister) that her baby had been stillborn). In reality, it was given up for adoption. Lucas was the only one who knew it had lived.

When Lucas came to Bay City he asked Felicia about their daughter and was stunned to discover that she had never known their baby had lived. They immediately began searching for their lost daughter. After trying unsuccessfully for several years, they gave up.

Freeze FrameIn 1992 it was revealed that Lorna Devon was their long-lost daughter. They both hated the idea because they both despised Lorna for her various dirty deeds. By the end of the year, though, they had grown to love each other. Felicia is currently very close to Lorna.

Lorna left Bay City in 1997 to hide from psychotic Cindy Brooke.

Jenna Norris. In 1991, discouraged at not being able to find their natural daughter, Felicia and Lucas adopted Jenna Norris, the orphaned daughter of Felicia's late book editor, Gloria Norris. They came to love her as much as if she were their flesh and blood.

Freeze FrameJenna left town in December 1993, but remains in touch with Felicia. She came to Bay City in 1997 to help sneak Lorna out of town, but she was never seen on camera.

Felicia had one brother named Robert Grady. He was several years older than she, and joined the navy when Felicia was still young. He and his wife Louise died in the early 1980's. Their daughter Lisa Grady is Felicia's niece.

In 1983, Felicia had a sister with three children (one, a girl of 18 years).

Freeze FrameFreeze FrameOther Relatives
Lisa Grady, niece and goddaughter. She lived in Bay City from February 1987 to February 1989. They were very close, but Lisa was never to be mentioned after she left. For many years, Lucas was under the misapprehension that Lisa was his and Felicia's daughter.