(Married on February 17, 1986. Dissolved in August 1986.)

Felicia fell in love with fisherman Zane in 1985. They were very different; it was a case of opposites attract. Zane fell for his "classy lady" and Felicia couldn't resist Zane's gentle charm. Although Zane faced some competition from Felicia's old lover Edward Gerard, their love proved strong and they married in February 1986.

Zane was killed by a stray bullet in August 1986. He had been caught in a crossfire between police and hired killer Herman Ludwig. Although it was apparent that it was a police bullet that felled him, everyone chose to blame Ludwig and his boss, Reginald Love, for Zane's death.

Zane was last mentioned in 1996; as John Hudson laying dying from a viral infection, Felicia berated herself for being a curse to all the men she loved.