(Married on October 24, 1988. Divorced in November 1990.)

Felicia met Mitch in 1986 after her husband Zane had died. Mitch worked as a bartender at Felicia's restaurant, The North Woods Inn, where the two of them became close. They married in October 1988.

Freeze FrameTheir marriage suffered in 1989. After Mac Cory died, Mitch began spending a lot of time with his widow, Rachel Cory, who was his old lover. Mitch also felt threatened by Lucas, who had recently settled down in Bay City.

But Felicia and Mitch were able to remain true to each other. In 1990, Mitch got an offer to spend a year in Africa taking photographs of wild animals. He asked Felicia to join him, but she couldn't bring herself to leave her life in Bay City. So Mitch went alone.

Freeze Frame During their separation, both cheated on the other. When Felicia visited Mitch in Africa later that year, both admitted their indiscretions. They realized that both now wanted different things out of life. They agreed to an amicable divorce.