(Married on July 25, 1991. Dissolved in August 1992.)

Freeze FrameLucas was Felicia's childhood lover. He left her immediately after she gave birth to their daughter because her aunt Abigail convinced him Felicia didn't want to see him anymore. With $500 given to him by Abigail, Lucas went out into the world to make his fortune. He changed his name from Luke Castigliano to Lucas to represent his new image.

When he came to Bay City in June 1989, he tried to win Felicia back. She told him that she was happy with Mitch, and he agreed to be just friends. When Mitch left for Africa, Lucas and Felicia found themselves drawn to each other and slept together one night. They resumed their relationship once Felicia's divorce from Mitch was final.

Lucas had been a gangster during his time away from Felicia, but once back in her life he promised her that he had put his criminal days behind him. Except for a few minor indiscretions, he remained true to his word. Felicia and Lucas were married in July 1991.

In July 1992, Lucas was shot by Sally Madison, a jealous ex-lover. He died a few weeks later in the hospital. Felicia was devastated by his death and spent a long time in mourning.