Felicia met Wallingford in 1984 during a caper with Cass and Cecile. At the start of their relationship, Wally wanted things to take on a more physical dimension, and was disappointed when Felicia said she just wanted to be friends.

Freeze Frame They went on to become great friends and have glorious, hilarious adventures. These include when they crashed a 16-wheeler into Tall Boys restaurant; when they spent a night in a cage with a gorilla named Carolyn; when they were caught in a raid on a cathouse. Wally was Felicia's best friend, her staunch supporter, loyal ally, wise counsel, and fellow joker.

Wally was to die from a heart attack in February of 1988. Felicia was devastated. She came to believe that Wallingford was an angel who graced her life with his presence. In 1995, Cass and Felicia honored him by naming their bookstore after him, which was to fold at the end of the next year.