Gabe met Lorna in 1995 when she stormed into the police station to report that her purse had been stolen. Gabe batted his eyes at her and Lorna fell for him like a ton of bricks. They began going on romantic dates which consisted mostly of them gazing into each other's eyes.

Lorna had a string of failed relationships behind her, and she had a hard time believing that such a man as Gabe could truly love her. She was also disturbed that Gabe was keeping things from her. When she threatened to break it off, he finally revealed that his first wife and young son had been killed in a fire the year before.

When he explained that she was the first woman that he had been close to since the tragedy, Lorna supported him and did what she could to honor the memory of those he had lost.

Gabe and Lorna enjoyed most of 1996 meddle-free until Cindy Brooke, Gabe's ex-sister-in-law, came to Bay City. She used Gabe's friendship as an excuse to involve herself in his life as much as possible. Lorna's suspicions were roused at continually seeing Cindy drape herself over Gabe and lavish kisses on him. She finally lashed out at Gabe for being blind to Cindy's ploy to come between them. Gabe defended Cindy and refused to bend to what he perceived as Lorna's jealousy.

Lorna encountered a mentally unglued Cindy in the ladies room of the Harbor Club one night and in an ensuing struggle was knocked unconscious. Gabe rescued her from a fire that had then broken out. He was shocked to discover that Cindy was responsible. He hastily arranged for Lorna to go into hiding for her protection. They said a tender goodbye before she left town. Before he could leave to join her, he was shot and killed in Center Street. Felicia broke the news to Lorna over the phone. Lorna faced it bravely, determined to go on with her life as Gabe would have wished her to.