Freeze FrameFAMILY
Grant has the always been the apple in the eye of his father, Spencer Harrison. Spencer concentrated all his efforts into molding his son and paving the way for his eventual career in politics. Spencer loves his son, but will too often go to extremes to protect Grant from situations that might endanger his career.

Freeze FrameIn 1993, Spencer anonymously sent Grant death threats in hopes of dissuading him from marrying Vicky Hudson. When Grant found out what his father tried to do, he broke off all ties with him. During the next year, Spencer won his way back into Grant's life, and after that Grant often came to his father for help with a personal problem.

In 1994 Spencer vehemently disagreed with Grant's actions toward his wife Amanda Cory. Spencer loved Amanda and felt she was the perfect wife for his son. He hated how Grant was mistreating her, and Grant, afraid that his father would spill the beans about his affair with Lorna Devon, arranged for his father to leave town. Spencer has returned twice since then, and father and son have mostly patched up their differences, although they still tend to disagree about many things.

Freeze FrameGrant cherished his mother, Justine, when he was a child. Her death and subsequent absence prevented him from having a successful relationship with a woman. Justine chose to re-enter her son's life in 1995 and Grant's world was rocked. Justine, violently insane, centered her attentions on her beloved son, and his son, Kirkland. Despite everyone else trying to capture Justine and lock her away, Grant to chose to protect his mother, with disastrous results. Justine kidnapped Kirkland, and Grant was forced to kill his brother Ryan to protect his son. Even until her death shortly afterwards, Grant's love for his mother made him seek to protect her from the rest of the world.

Freeze FrameChildren
Vicky gave birth to Grant's first child, Kirkland Harrison, in April 1994. There was a vicious custody battle for him after his birth. Fearing that she would lose custody of her son, Vicky took Kirk and left town with him in early May. When she returned, she pawned off another baby as Kirkland, and tried to hide the real Kirkland from his father. When Grant discovered Vicky's dirty deed, he hatched one equally dirty. When the smoke cleared, Kirk remained with Vicky, and Grant was given liberal visitation rights.

Not content to be a part-time father, Grant hatched a plot to eliminate Vicky and become Kirk's sole guardian. Vicky survived Grant's assassination plot and Kirkland remains with his mother.

Freeze FrameSiblings
Ryan Harrison. Ryan was Grant's half-brother. The two had never been close, and their indifference toward each other grew into outright animosity ever since the two began their battle for Vicky's affections. Neither trusted the other and neither gave the other half a chance to prove otherwise.

In 1995, Grant was forced to kill Ryan in order to protect his son from his crazed mother, Justine. He was horribly guilt-ridden but chose not to admit his crime. Eventually he was arrested and admitted that, even though he could have called out to Ryan instead of firing the gun, he wanted Ryan out of his life. Grant's stay in prison was cut short due to the governor's intervention on his behalf. He takes comfort in Ryan's dying words of forgiveness.

Grant and KelseyOther Relatives
Patrick Harrison (RIP), paternal grandfather. Frank Harrison, uncle. Anna Callahan, aunt. Kelsey Harrison, cousin. Fiona Merriman, cousin.