In 1990, Grant began going out with someone who called herself Sharly Watts. Unbeknownst to him, she was really an alternate personality of Sharlene Frame. They were set to make love for the first time when Sharlene's husband, John Hudson, walked in on them. He was able to make Sharlene's personality re-emerge. Sharlene was devastated to learn she had been dating Grant. Shortly thereafter, Sharly and Sharlene were merged into one personality, and she has remained true to John.

Freeze Frame Grant tried to win Sharlene back, but found she was no longer the woman he had fallen for. By early 1991, Grant and Sharlene were able to put the past behind them and had become friends. Since then, their past relationship was very rarely mentioned.

Freeze FrameIn 1996, Sharlene found herself single after John dumped her for Felicia. When Grant came onto her one night at the Harbor Club, she was flattered by the attention, having felt unattractive and unloved since the breakup of her marriage. Grant said and did all the right things. Despite his reputation, Sharlene let herself be wooed by him. Their affair was finally consummated six years after it began.

Sharlene's good judgement slowly started to win out over her ego and her hormones, especially when Grant's victims began filling her ear with horror stories about him. She brought a halt to their budding romance, telling Grant that she needed time and space. So they returned to square one, with Grant courting her in a more leisurely fashion. They finally drifted apart in 1997.

Freeze Frame("Were Grant and Sharlene/Sharly ever lovers in 1990?" seemed to be a recurring question. At one point in their relationship they spent the night away from Bay City. They had planned to sleep together that night, and the next time we saw them, it was obvious that they hadn't yet done anything. They were still looking forward to their first time. That first time, a few weeks later, was brought to a halt when John walked in on them in and caught them in flagrante delicto.

Freeze Frame When Sharlene discovered she was pregnant, she was unsure of who the father was, because she had no memory of what she had done when she was Sharly. John was upset that she had spent the night with another man and couldn't remember the details. John went to Grant and began telling him the situation. Grant knew that Sharlene was pregnant and was content to remain out of the picture for Sharlene's sake. As John explained that Grant might be the father, there was a slow camera zoom on Grant. The audience saw his mind working as he realized what John was telling him, that Sharlene couldn't remember what happened that night. When John finally asked Grant if he had slept with Sharly that one night, Grant said something to the effect of, "Look, John, it really doesn't matter what happened that night between Sharly and me. YOU will be this child's father, not me. That's all that matters." The debate was left at that. Considering Grant's character at the time, it's most likely that Grant used the opportunity to salvage a bit of pride and give the impression that he and Sharly did sleep together, even though they didn't. If he had you can bet he would never have let the matter off so easily or so magnanimously. In 1996, it was revealed once and for all that Grant and Sharly were never lovers.)