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September 14, 2005

August 3, 2005

June 20, 2005

  • Actor birthyears, according to the IMDB: Laura Malone (1956), Beverly Penberthy (1949), George Reinholt (1939), Victoria Wyndham (1945), Carmen Duncan (1942), Laura Moss (1973), William Grey Espy (1948), Chris Rich (1953), David Forsyth (1947), Anna Kathryn Holbrook (1956), Calli Timmins (1963), John Bolger (1954), Stephen Bolster (1933), Lisa D. Brenner (1974), Jordan Charney (1937), Hank Cheyne (1964), John Considine (1935), Leora Dana (1923), Gwyda DonHowe (1933), Hilary Edson (1965), Michael Goodwin (1961), Robyn Griggs (1973), Susan Harney (1946), Tresa Hughes (1929), B.J. Jefferson (1960), Toni Kalem (1956), Hugh Marlowe (1911), Ariane Munker (1960), David Oliver (1962), Jeff Phillips (1968), Tom Rolfing (1950), Leon Russom (1941), Henry Simmons (1970), Patrick Tovatt (1940), Ellen Wheeler (1961), Nancy Wickwire (1925), Alicia Leigh Willis (1978), Alexandra Wilson (1968).
  • Some interesting information from the AW section on
    "Anna Stuart was quoted in Soap Opera Digest after Another World's cancellation as saying that if the show were not canceled in 1999 when it was, she would have left the role due to her disapproval regarding her character's direction."
    "Both Paul Michael Valley and Alice Barrett were fired under the tenure of EP Jill Phelps. In Paul Michael Valley's case, it was rumored that she did not like him as a love interest for actress Jensen Buchanan.
    "Originally, fan favorite Anna Stuart was to be the victim of the Bay City Serial Killer. Phelps, with the help of head writer Margaret DePriest, encouraged the implementation of the story. As the audience picked up clues and realized that Stuart's character, Donna Love, would be next to die, fans flooded newsgroups with their vocal opposition. Viewers called and wrote to the NBC studios in New York City, and Phelps was forced to pick another actor. In order to fit budget constraints, another "mid-level actor" would have to be fired; it was revealed later that the firing was necessary to bring back former AW actor Robert Kelker-Kelly. The two options were to kill either Barrett's character or Judi Evans Luciano's character, Paulina Cory Carlino. The focus groups liked Evans Luciano's character but were lukewarm toward Barrett; Phelps then decided on Frankie as the next victim instead of Donna."
  • 1999 discs available in the AW DVD Library, specially priced at $20 each. Some partial episodes.
  • New photos: TV By Day, Afternoon TV.

May 4, 2005

  • Last week I had the great pleasure of speaking over the phone with Carol Roux for almost an hour. Carol of course played the beloved Missy Palmer from 1964-1970 and until now had disappeared from our radars for 35 years. She has many fond memories of the show and has lots of funny stories to tell. We'll be working together on the best way to share those experiences, so stay tuned.
  • New discs available in the AW DVD Library.

February 16, 2005