Ada and Mac

I have no plans to close down this site once Another World goes off the air on June 25th. I will still have 60s/70s scripts and 80s tapes to go through and incorporate for quite awhile afterwards.

When no more material is forthcoming, I may decide to transfer the entire site onto a CD-ROM for sale in lieu of maintaining it on the Internet. The total AWHP is currently about 45 megs already. As I can attest to, it is much more convenient having the whole thing at your fingertips on your hard drive.

There will be no more Photos of the Week. But expect a photo gallery of past and never-before-seen photos in a few weeks.

As for the AWVL: The moratorium on 1995-present videos will be lifted six months after the final episode. Since this coincides with Y2K, we'll have to wait until all hysteria abates and the system returns to normal before we can be sure we can trust the post and the banks again. The Feb95-Jun95 (and possibly the Jul95-Dec95) will be available on July 1st. 79-86 tapes should also be available by the end.

It probably behooves me to make some memorable comments about the show, but I don't find myself up to the task.

I'm grateful the show managed to reach its 35th anniversary. If it hadn't, we would never have had a deluxe commemorative book for the show.


Eddie Drueding,