Carmen Duncan as Iris


Beverlee McKinsey as Iris GENERAL INFORMATION
First Appearance: December 22, 1972
Last Appearance: September 19, 1994
Portrayers: Beverlee McKinsey, December 22, 1972 - August 1, 1980.
Carmen Duncan, October 27, 1988 - September 19, 1994.
Departure: (1980) Moved to Houston, Texas.
(1994) Left to go to jail.
Introduction Scenes: (Beverlee McKinsey) In the Carrington library to Louise Goddard about Alice Matthews Frame, "Aren't you going to introduce us, Louise?"
(Carmen Duncan) Cory mansion front door, to Rachel Cory, "Rachel... I was hoping Daddy would answer the bell. I wanted to surprise him!"
Exit Scenes: (Beverlee McKinsey) To Ryan Connor and Terry Dekker about Alex Wheeler, "It's too late to go back."
(Carmen Duncan) The jail, to the female guard, "Life is too short for regrets."
Birthplace: New York City.
Other Aliases: The Chief (alias).
Last Known Whereabouts: Women's state penitentiary.

Iris's 1970s portrait FAMILY
The late Sylvie Kosloff was Iris's mother. The two only rediscovered each other in the late 1970s, but were able to become close before Sylvie died in October 1988.

Iris adored her father, the late Mac Cory. She was insanely jealous of Rachel Cory when she married Mac. She did everything she could to break them up, but only succeeded in disgracing herself in her father's eyes.

Iris was devastated when Mac died in 1989. Since then, she made it her duty to preserve the integrity of the Cory name. She constantly voiced her disapproval of Rachel's relationship with Carl Hutchins, her father's worst enemy.

Iris had one child, Dennis Wheeler. They got along fine, though they were not really close.

Iris had three half-siblings on her paternal side.

Amanda Cory. Iris was very jealous of Amanda when she was born because she felt that Amanda was replacing her in her father's affections. When Iris returned to Bay City in 1988, she plotted to break up Amanda's marriage to Sam Fowler, thereby disgracing Amanda in their father's eyes. Amanda and Iris came a long way since then. They respect each other now, but could in no way be considered sisterly.

Freeze FramePaulina Cory Carlino. Iris hated Paulina when she first came to town. There was little proof at first that Paulina was really Mac's child, and Iris refused to consider the possibility. Iris hated the idea of sharing her father's legacy. She hired Jake McKinnon to discredit Paulina's claim. In 1991, through an investigation of her own, Iris uncovered proof that Paulina was indeed a Cory. Iris was forced to accept her, though grudgingly. Iris and Paulina are far from close, but both will stand by the other out of family loyalty.

Sandy Cory. Iris had been out of town during Sandy's stay in Bay City, and the two of them have never met on-air.

Other Relatives
Sarah Matthews Wheeler, granddaughter. Myrtle Benson, aunt. Alfred Cory, uncle. Maggie Cory, half-niece. Alex Cory, half-nephew. Remy Woods, half-niece. Alli Fowler, half-niece. Dante Carlino, half-nephew. Neal Cory, cousin. Adam Cory, cousin.

Eliot Carrington
(Married in the 1960s. Divorced by May 1974.)
Pregnant with Alex Wheeler's child, Iris married Eliot, Mac's star journalist, and passed the child off as his. In 1973, Iris wanted to reconcile, hence her dislike for Alice, whom she thought, rightfully, Eliot was falling for. Eliot had custody of Dennis, while Iris was a jet-setter. Mac wanted them to reconcile as well and used his position as Eliot's boss to try to keep them together. Ironically, Iris was instrumental in the final reconciliation of Alice and Steve, hence freeing Rachel to pursue another millionaire.

Iris, with RobertRobert Delaney
(Married on February 13, 1976. Divorced on February 28, 1977.)
Robert had designed her house, and their romance was in full bloom when he went on to design her guest house. Iris hid the fact that Robert was Cory's father from Robert. She also did several things to get Clarice out of the way. All these lies and manipulations killed their marriage.

Brian Bancroft
(Married on October 25, 1977. Divorced on August 18, 1980.)
Brian was something of a match for her (Lemay described their marriage as a "taming of the shrew" relationship). He didn't put up with her shenanigans, but he also didn't fall apart and divorce her every time she pulled one of her tricks. Because he had a somewhat similar background, he loved Iris for who she was and tolerated much of her behavior.

Alex Wheeler (RIP)
(Married on November 21, 1980. Dissolved in June 1981).
Alex and Iris had met and fallen in love when they were both very young. He was poor, she was rich, and she ended up pregnant. They reunited in 1980, but Alex died in his sleep in 1981.

Russ Matthews

In 1973, Russ had treated Dennis, curing him of his heart condition and saving his life. In 1975, Iris and Russ developed a romance. In a very funny scene, Iris proposed to Russ. He broke the engagement after finding out about one of Iris's schemes to break up Rachel and Mac.

Kirk Laverty
Kirk swept Iris off her feet in 1979. He convinced her to side with him in his hostile take-over of Cory Publishing. Iris voted for the take-over by Laverty Brothers, but Mac was able to win his company back. A few months later Iris was accused of his murder.

Michael Hudson
When Iris returned to Bay City in 1988 she was quick to remind Michael of their affair, which occurred in 1985, when they had enjoyed a romance in France. Michael even proposed, but when Iris declined, he decided to look up his old flame, Donna Love.

Despite Iris's attempts, she and Michael never resumed their affair. However, she would take delight in taunting Donna about it for years afterward.

Freeze Frame Evan Frame
Iris met Evan in 1988 in New York City, where both were living at the time. Iris quickly learned Evan's secret, that he was the son of Janice Frame and that he shared her hatred of Rachel Cory. They plotted to return to Bay City, with Iris worming her way back into her father's good graces and Evan seducing Amanda and disgracing her in Mac's eyes. Shortly after they arrived in town, they both went their separate ways.

Iris and Lucas realized they had a lot in common when she hired him to do some work for Cory Publishing in 1989. They thought it would be smart to get engaged, so they did. When Lucas reunited with Felicia Gallant in 1990, he broke it off with Iris. Iris was very hurt, maintaining that they were perfect for each other, but Lucas insisted that they had both been pretending in their relationship.

Spencer Harrison
Iris and Spencer became lovers soon after they met in 1991. They enjoyed a relationship for about a year, but neither was interested in a commitment. They broke up amicably in late 1992.

All chance of a reconciliation was dashed in 1993 when Spencer began a hostile take-over of Cory Publishing. Since then, Iris and Spencer became enemies.

Before she left town in fall 1994, Iris reminisced with Spencer and lamented that things had not worked out differently between them.

Hank Kent
Hank was a lot different from Iris: he was a blue-collar worker with a strong moral code. They fell in love despite themselves and got engaged. But Iris was too wrapped up in her family crises to devote herself fully to Hank. Unwilling to play second fiddle, Hank broke up with Iris in early 1994 and moved away.

Kurt Landis

In 1974, Iris had a small fling with her doctor, but had some competition from Pat Randolph. It ended when Mac Cory uncovered that Kurt was an unfeeling cad, who had been involved with a girl who had committed suicide.

Dave Gilchrist
In 1975, Dave rescued Iris after she tried to commit suicide. Sure that with him she would be different, Dave showed her some affection. He left her after a few months when he realized she would never give up her obsession of Mac.

Keith Morrison
Keith was the "1976 Brian Bancroft prototype": Both were older Cory Publishing lawyers who dated Iris.

Grant Harrison
In late 1990 and early 1991, Grant went out on several dates with Iris. They were only friends and nothing remotely romantic ensued. Years later they barely acknowledged each other and seemed to have no recollection that they once dated.

Kevin Anderson
Iris and Kevin met in 1991 when she covered the Hutchins trial he was prosecuting. They went on dates and flirted a lot, but nothing ever came of it.

Philip Wainwright

Philip had absolutely no respect for women like Iris and constantly berated her even though she was paying him to split up Rachel and Mac. He would occasionally accuse Iris of being interested in him, mostly just to make her mad.

Carl Hutchins
In 1994 Carl's amnesia made him look at Iris, whom he despised, in a new light. He called her a little vixen and pursued her vigorously. He stole a few kisses and even dragged her into bed with him at one point.

Iris wears reading glasses.

Iris was a major suspect in the murder of Kirk Laverty in 1979.

In June 1994, Iris shot Carl Hutchins during his wedding to Rachel Cory. However, Iris believed that there were blanks in the gun, and all she intended to do was try to scare Carl into not going through with the wedding. Real bullets were placed in the gun by a henchman working for Evan Frame, who used Iris as a means of getting back at Rachel Cory. Iris was brought to trial for attempted murder. During the proceedings she uncovered Evan's guilt, but also realized she had no proof. She was found guilty and sentenced to eight years in the state penitentiary, where she presumably still remains.

Up until the late 1980s, Iris was exclusively a socialite.

From 1988-1994, Iris held a top-level position at Cory Publishing. Her last position was as Editor-in-Chief of Cory Publishing.

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