Helen McKinnon, Jake's motherFAMILY
From 1985-1986, Jake's parents were known as Tim and Helen McKinnon. This was changed in 1992. During this initial period, it was also an established fact that Jake had a brother, whom he was planning to bring to Bay City.

Jake's father, Ray McKinnon, was a coal miner who died of a lung disease when Jake was in his late teens. Jake mostly looked down on his father because of his profession, but Ray was very fond of his son.

Jake's mother, Alice McKinnon, left him when he was in his early teens. Jake has not seen her since.

In 1992 Jake discovered that he had a half-brother on his father's side, Kevin Anderson. During his two years in Bay City, Kevin was never able to make peace with Jake. They fought constantly and were never close. Kevin is now in jail.

Jake, with Kathleen and M.J.with Vince and MaryOther Relatives
Vince McKinnon, uncle. Kathleen McKinnon, cousin. M.J. McKinnon, cousin. Ben McKinnon, cousin. Cheryl McKinnon, cousin. Sean McKinnon, half-nephew.

With Steven