Freeze Frame(Married on August 19, 1991. Divorced on February 20, 1992. Remarried on October 11, 1994. Divorced on January 16, 1996.)

Paulina was the love of Jake's life. She is the only woman in his life to have ever stood up to him and not let him get away with anything.

Their first year together was anything but romantic. In 1990, Jake had been hired by Iris Wheeler (Paulina's half-sister) to investigate Paulina and her claim of being a Cory. In order to get sufficiently close to her and get her to trust him, Jake ended up having to sleep with her.

Freeze FrameHis plan worked though. He had uncovered evidence that demonstrated significant doubt that Paulina was Mac Cory's daughter. He attempted to blackmail her with the information. In a panic, and mad with rage, Paulina shot Jake in his studio in October 1990.

Freeze FrameWhen he woke up from his coma five months later, he proceeded to blackmail her. Jake quickly gambled away all the money he was able to squeeze out of Paulina.

Freeze FrameJake wanted to get his hands on the inheritance that Paulina would get when she married. He told her he would reveal that it had been she who shot him unless she married him. Afraid of the law and of ruining the family name, she agreed. They were married in August 1991.

Freeze FrameTheir marriage was a sham. They never once slept together in the time they had to wait until the inheritance came through. Before that time came, though, Paulina had had enough. She admitted her crime to the police. Freed from under Jake's thumb, she divorced him in February 1992.

During their marriage they had come to respect each other and had even fallen in love. By the summer of 1992, they came together. Throughout the next year, they had many rocky moments, but their love pulled them through. Their most formidable opponent was Rachel Cory, Paulina's step-mother. Rachel hated Jake, and hated the idea of him and Paulina being together.

Freeze FrameIn 1993, Jake and Paulina got engaged. During their engagement, Jake got an offer from Spencer Harrison that he couldn't refuse: the opportunity to wage a hostile takeover of Cory Publishing. The day before the wedding, Paulina discovered that Jake was behind the anonymous attempt on her family's company. Heartbroken, she broke off with Jake.

Freeze FrameDuring the next year, they both tried to get on with their lives and start new relationships. Jake didn't have much success, but Paulina had a lengthy relationship with Ian Rain. In June 1994, Jake and Paulina were stranded in the wild. Forced to rely on each other for survival, they came to rediscover their love for each other. They rebuilt their relationship and were married in October of that year.