First Appearance:
February 10, 1995
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayer: Joseph Barbara, February 10, 1995 - June 25, 1999.
Arrival: Came back to his home town after being shaken by a child-abuse case in New York City.
Introduction Scene: His home, to Frankie Frame, "Can I help you?"
Exit Scene: To Paulina at Foster Park, "You know, this married thing- it's- it could be all right."
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Joseph Anthony Carlino (full name). [Originally named Joe McConnell.]
Other Whereabouts: New York City.

Freeze FrameFAMILY
Joe came from a large, close-knit family. He mentioned relatives at the drop of a hat, and the total number reached unprecedented proportions.

Joe's mother, Rose, died several years ago.

His father, Eddie, has always been a source of exasperation to Joe. Eddie loved to interfere in his son's life, and even saddled him with a restaurant. Eddie was in town for the summer of 1995, then left for Italy to be with his brother Bruno.

Eddie and Rose were married in 1962.

Joe had his first child, Dante, in 1996.

Sofia Carlino. Joe's younger sister came to live with him in December 1995.

Other Relatives
Giuseppe (RIP), paternal grandfather, died in 1997. Carmela *, aunt. Concetta *, aunt. Francesca *, aunt. Maria *, aunt. Paola *, aunt. Theresa *, aunt. Fiore * (RIP), uncle. Scunitz *, uncle. Bruno Carlino, uncle. Vito *, uncle. Anthony *, cousin. Dominic, cousin. Lucento, cousin. Rocco *, great-uncle. Isabella * (RIP), great-grandmother. Sergio Carlino (RIP), great-great-granduncle.

With Allison (Freeze Frame)SPOUSES

Nancy McGowan
Joe dated Rachel's younger sister Nancy in high school.

In 1995 Joe was shot by Denny Beck, whom he had been investigating for failure to make child-support payments.

In 1997 Joe went undercover to flush out corrupt management in the police force. He went so far as to allow himself to be be arrested for taking bribes. After a short stay in prison, he revealed that Commissioner Raines was the corrupt party.

Joe resigned from the police force at the end of 1994 after difficult experiences on the NYPD.

Freeze FrameIn 1995 he helped Frankie Frame investigate a case and they got along so well that they decided to open up a detective agency.

Freeze FrameBy fall 1995 Joe decided to rejoin the police force. In February 1997 he became acting captain upon the death of Gabe McNamara and so impressed the police commissioner that he was made captain despite not having taken the captain's exam.

With Jake (Freeze Frame)He had his restaurant, Carlino's, foisted onto him at the end of 1995. For its first few years, it barely managed to keep its head above water.