In 1995 Felicia and John became very close during Sharlene Hudson's frequent absences from Bay City. Within a very short period they had fallen in love. They were shocked and confused by the intensity of their feelings. At a loss for what to do, they shared one passionate kiss and resolved to henceforth ignore their feelings.

Freeze FrameWhen Sharlene found a woman's handkerchief in John's pocket, she ran to her friend Felicia for emotional support. Felicia in turn ran to John to wail about her grueling session with Sharlene. They resolved to tell Sharlene the truth when their car hit an icy patch and became immobilized for over an hour. While they waited, John began to relate some of his experiences in Vietnam, which culminated in the death of a young child in his arms.

Freeze FrameFelicia comforted John, who broke down and cried, but apparently his remembrances served as foreplay because the experience gave him an enormous hard-on and he proceeded to make love to Felicia. Later, with a smug smile he told Felicia not to feel guilty.

When Sharlene discovered the affair she kicked John out. Felicia opened her doors to him and the two braved the ugly stares of all those who condemned them. While John was rather blase about it, Felicia was hurt by the reaction she was getting as well as the hurt she was inflicting on Sharlene.

Sharlene had a hard time dealing with their happiness and would blow up at Felicia constantly. Eventually Sharlene came to accept them together. Yet fate would still throw the three of them together, forcing them to into an uneasy friendship.

Freeze FrameJohn and Felicia were ecstatically happy together and relished in their rediscovered sexuality. Felicia's life seemed to revolve around John. She would plan her day with him as the focus, meeting him frequently at the hospital, where they would both run into Sharlene. John's son Gregory, while crazy about Felicia at the outset, began to resent her for taking his father away from him. He became extremely hostile to her, and neither John nor Sharlene would take steps to discipline the boy. Felicia became frantic as Gregory used every opportunity, including his mother's paralysis, to try to reunite his mother and father.

John and Felicia planned to marry in July 1997. A few weeks before the ceremony was to take place, John had a one-night stand with Sharlene. John insisted that it was a mistake and meant nothing to him, but Felicia refused to take him back. John stubbornly refused to accept defeat, but with Felicia's new flame, Alexander Nikos, in the picture, he didn't stand a chance.