First Appearance: September 29, 1998
Last Appearance: May 24, 1999
Portrayers: Joseph Barbara, September 29, 1998 - October 26, 1998.
David Andrew MacDonald, October 28, 1998 - May 24, 1999.
Introduction Scene: (Joseph Barbara) Answering Zak Wilder's phone call from his office, "Excellent. Now our work can begin."
Exit Scene: Being sucked into the tear in the fabric of space/time in the secret garden, "No! Amalie, Amalie, Amalie, Amalie..."
Birthday: July 1778.
Other Aliases: David Halliday.

Amalie Kitteridge

Jordan was a young scientist when he met Amalie, the daughter of the elder scientist Dr. Kitteridge. He fell in love with her when she saw beneath his freakish exterior. When her father learned they planned to marry, he arrested Jordan and Amalie threw herself to her death.

Jordan resurfaced in Bay City in late 1998 and attempted to reunite with his lost wife through "The Reunion of Souls." Discovering that Amalie resided within the body of Amanda Cory, Jordan courted her in the borrowed body of David Halliday. He was sure that Amalie would gain dominance over the body if they were to make love. Eventually he brought Amanda into a secret garden on the Cory estate, but failed to make Amalie re-emerge.

Amanda Cory

In 1998 Jordan became obsessed with Amanda when he thought she was the reincarnation of his long-lost love. Jordan found the secret garden on the Cory estate from a painting hidden behind another painting, known as a "pentimento."

The 18th century Jordan Stark was arrested for the murder of his wife in London. He disappeared shortly before he was to be executed. In 1998-1999, Jordan kidnapped Jasmine Cory, Rachel Cory Hutchins, and Alli Fowler. He brainwashed Matt Cory, and reduced Zak Wilder to ashes.

Jordan was the mysterious owner of the Lumina Foundation. He authored Beyond Imagination, published in 1798.