Another World Video Library

July 1995 - December 1995 Highlights (T-160)

Freeze Frames

Matt interrupts a kiss for a dying man

Carl to Grant:
"Why do you think I've come here?"

Miscellaneous Highlights

Gary meets Cass at a training exercise at Wallingford's

Vicky to Justine:
"What are you, possessed?"

A quiet moment with Donna, Matt, and Kirkland

A Jake and Paulina heavy metal montage

Rachel is accosted by a mad monk while incarcerated

Amnesiac Jake kisses the woman of his dreams

The man in the mirror is no longer Jake but Doris

Ryan manhandles Grant

Walled-alive Vicky has nightmares of Grant

Jake wonders when he
gets to kiss Vicky too

John is very grateful for the sandwiches Felicia made him

Carl loses another son

Gary: "Who are you?"
Gabe: "I'm nobody."

Nick pounds Maggie, Tomas interrupts. Nick pounds Tomas, John interrupts.

Rachel and Carl's new houseguest, Cecile "Pret-a-porter" DePoulignac

Justine disposes of Bridget

Carl disposes of Justine

Sofia and Nick book early for a table at Carlino's

An otherwise dull Joe and Paulina wedding is enlivened
when Josie sucker punches Jake,
Jake calls Matt a "wuss," and Ryan blots his nose after being slugged by Jake

Frankie is held hostage by Denny Beck,
the first in a long line of disposable bad guys

Justine magically gains artistic ability to
demonstrate her hatred of Carl and Rachel

Cassio the Clairvoyant divines Frankie's future

Joe is amenable when Jake wants his towel back

Groom Matt, best man Morgan, and maid of honor Vicky
wait for bride Donna, otherwise indisposed

A drunk Paulina walking in on a Joe and Jake slugfest:
"I hope you idiots kill each other!"

Ryan's last stand