Another World Video Library

June 1997 - December 1997 Highlights (T-160)

Freeze Frames

Vicky wonders who her
mysterious visitor is

Jake worries how grateful Vicky
is that Shane saved Kirkland's life

Rachel meets Hadley Prescott

The Fall of the House of Lies

Miscellaneous Highlights

Etta Mae wins
the coffee house

Alli and Carl play cupid
for Jake and Amanda

Jake saves Vicky from
her house fire

Chris toasts Carlino's
second-storey men

Won't you come away with him to his little grass shack

Donna helps John
make Felicia jealous

Josie falls for the old
"Hold my dog" trick

Vicky and Jake announce their engagement

Nick is dragged
off to jail

Carl to Cindy:
"You're playing with
the big boys now"

Josie tells Gary there's no more Sinclair Jr.

Felicia redecorates
Alexander's suite

Jake and Vicky
nix waiting for
their wedding night

The Blues Brothers are a smash at Lucky Lady

Cass and Donna rediscover
their primal urges

Jake and Vicky get front-row seats for Shane's execution

A blood feud is reignited on Center Street (where else???)

Vicky and Jake shop around for an exotic locale for their wedding

Michael: "Donna and I are rekindling the flame!"
Cass: "Donna and I are having a date."
Jake: "That's kinky, even for me"

Shane can't distinguish between Vicky and Marley,
but Jake sure can