Kevin Anderson and Lorna Devon
At her apartment, after Kevin assured it wouldn't be boring (August 1992)

Kevin Anderson and Paulina Cory Carlino: At the Tuxedo Club (April 1992)

Kevin Anderson and Iris Wheeler: On Iris's cheek, on the dais during one of Grant's speeches. (November 1991)

Mitch Blake and Rachel Cory
Reacquaintance: In Mitch and Rachel's old apartment. Observed by Mac (November 1986)

Joe Carlino and Paulina Cory
At her door after their first date. FF (July 1995)

Adam Cory and Lisa Grady
In the station house, freaking Lisa out. FF (April 1988)

Adam Cory and Vicky Hudson
St. Elmo's, under the mistletoe (December 1987)

Adam Cory and M.J. McKinnon
In their squad car outside the McKinnon home after rescuing Cass and Kathleen. (August 1986)

Matthew Cory and Sofia Carlino
In Sofia's New York City hotel room, with Sofia in a nightie and Matt in a tuxedo (December 1996)

Matthew Cory and Lorna Devon: At D&M Productions (July 1991)

Matthew Cory and Brett Gardner
In Bayview Court (June 1993)

Matthew Cory and Lisa Grady
In Lisa's apartment, moments after Matthew had chased off an intruder. Observed by Josie (February 1989)

Matthew Cory and Donna Love
Non-romantic: Donna kissed Matthew in the Frame farm living room after he told her he could help her out of her financial difficulties. Observed by John (December 1992)
At KBAY after arguing about the dangers of Donna's undercover investigative reporting (October 1993)

Matthew Cory and Olivia Matthews
In the Cory mansion living room. Observed by Amanda and Evan (September 1990)

Matthew Cory and Jenna Norris: Outside of O'Malley's Pub (May 1991)

Matthew Cory and Lila Roberts: On the couch in Lila's apartment (February 1998)

Matthew and Josie, 1993

Matthew Cory and Josie Watts
On the lawn of the Frame farm. Observed by Sharlene (August 1988)
Recast: At the New Year's Eve ball (December 1993)