Derek Dane and Stacey Winthrop
After Derek told Stacey to "just let it happen" on a rooftop. FF (August 1989)

Catlin Ewing and Sally Frame
In the Love barn during a rain shower (April 1984)

Sam Fowler and Amanda Cory
Amanda was snuggled in front of a roaring fire when Sam bent down and kissed her. FF (November 1987)
Recast: On the ground in front of the Cory cabin (January 1991)

Sam Fowler and Olivia Matthews
At Sam's loft (February 1991)

Sam Fowler and Cheryl McKinnon
At Donna's penthouse. Observed by Amanda. FF (December 1987)

Dean Frame and Jenna Norris
During a picnic, totally repulsing Jenna (July 1991)

Evan Frame and Amanda Cory
At his apartment, as part of his seduction attempt, Evan kissed Amanda after feeding her a line about the death of his nanny (January 1989)

Evan Frame and Vicky Hudson
At her house, while Stacey's photographer took pictures (August 1989)

Jamie Frame and Lisa Grady: Jamie kissed the woman of his recent daydreams, Lisa, when she stepped of the elevator in the TOPS garage (February 1987)

Jamie Frame and Kelsey Harrison
At her apartment despite her protestations (May 1992)

Jamie Frame and Marley Hudson
After Jamie saved Marley from drowning in the ocean in Nice, France (April 1990)

Grant Harrison and Cindy Brooke
In Cindy's apartment (April 1997)

Grant Harrison and Amanda Cory
By the Cory pool. Observed by Maggie (September 1993)

Grant Harrison and Lorna Devon
In Lorna's apartment, spilling their drinks (August 1994)

Grant Harrison and Vicky Hudson: Vicky let Grant give her a rather passionless kiss at his apartment to get him to break up with Paulina (February 1992)

Ryan Harrison and Amanda Cory
At the door to the Cory mansion, after their first date (February 1991)

Ryan Harrison and Lorna Devon
At Ryan's penthouse. FF (September 1994)

Ryan Harrison and Frankie Frame
At TOPS, after Ryan gave Frankie some good news (February 1991)

Ryan Harrison and Brett Gardner
Outside Sassy's, after which Brett accused Ryan of using her as a substitute for Vicky, then Ryan threw his drink in her face (February 1993)

Ryan Harrison and Vicky Hudson
Ryan claimed it as his reward for saving Vicky from her runaway horse (July 1990).
Recast: In a sleazy motel room (July 1991)