Freeze Frame

John Hudson and Frankie Frame
In the hospital's waiting room, after John told Frankie that Gregory was recovering from his illness. FF (January 1992)

John Hudson and Sharlene Frame
While dancing on the front lawn of the Frame farm after returning home from the Snowflake Ball (December 1988)

John Hudson and Felicia Gallant
In Felicia's apartment (October 1995)

John Hudson and Kelsey Harrison
Outside the hospital, after they had performed an important operation (April 1993)

John Hudson and Donna Love
In the back seat of John's car (Flashback to 1966, shown in April 1987)

Michael Hudson and Stacey Winthrop
At his office (March 1991)

Nick Hudson and Sofia Carlino
At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve in the kitchen of Carlino's Restaurant (December 1995)

Nick Hudson and Maggie Cory: In the Cory pool. (June 1995)

Nick Hudson and Remy Woods
On a bench outside Vicky Hudson's cottage (August 1998)

Freeze Frame

Carl Hutchins and Rachel Cory
On New Year's Eve outdoors in New York City (December 1993)

Carl Hutchins and Felicia Gallant: In a bistro in Montmartre, Paris. (December 1983, not shown).

Carl Hutchins and Vicky Hudson
At Carl's apartment, as part of Vicky's plan to get Carl to trust her. FF (June 1992)

Carl Hutchins and Iris Wheeler
On the Cory mansion terrace, after being startled by fireworks (July 1994)

Freeze Frame

Ken Jordan and Rachel Cory
Outside during a dark and stormy night. FF (March 1990)

Marshall Kramer and Felicia Gallant
In her hotel room during a Romance Novel Festival (September 1994)

Scott LaSalle and Cheryl McKinnon
While stuck together in a sleeping bag while stranded at a deserted cabin. Observed by Cass (November 1986)

Lucas and Felicia Gallant: Reacquaintance: A rather passionless kiss in his apartment. (Summer 1989)

Lucas and Josie Watts: At Lucas's apartment, with Josie sitting in Lucas's lap. Observed by Iris. (May 1990)