Jake McKinnon and Amanda Cory
At Jake and Paulina's townhouse, as part of Amanda's plan to trick Jake and stop his take-over of Cory Publishing (February 1994)
Recast: Jake's office at The Herald (April 1997)

Jake McKinnon and Paulina Cory
Recast: On TOPS's balcony (July 1991)

Jake McKinnon and Lorna Devon: On the couch at Jake and Paulina's townhouse. (May 1994)

Jake McKinnon and Vicky Hudson: When they were kids, Vicky knocked Jake off his swing, pinned him down, and kissed him.

Jake McKinnon and Donna Love
On New Year's Eve at the D & M studio. FF (December 1989)

Jake McKinnon and Olivia Matthews
On the couch at Olivia and Josie's apartment (March 1990)

Vince McKinnon and Mary McKinnon
Reacquaintance: Vince grabbed Mary at her apartment and gave her a rough kiss (February 1987)

Gabe McNamara and Lorna Devon
Lorna was escorting Gabe through the new wing at BCGH when he grabbed her and kissed her (December 1995)

Alexander Nikos and Felicia Gallant
Alexander surprised Felicia with a kiss when she visited the set of her movie being filmed at his studio, Titan (June 1997)

Ian Rain and Paulina Cory
By the Cory pool (June 1993)

Ian Rain and Josie Watts
On the Frame farm living room couch while sweaty with soot from escaping the fire in the barn. Observed by Paulina (April 1994)