Tomas Rivera and Sofia Carlino
In their apartment, rehearsing a play (November 1997)

Tomas Rivera and Maggie Cory
In the Cory gazebo (April 1994)
Recast: In the Frame farm kitchen (June 1995)

Shane Roberts and Amanda Cory: Amanda impulsively kissed Shane over drinks at Pandora's bar (November 1997)

Shane Roberts and Vicky Hudson
Bobby tied with Jake in the apple-bobbing contest, so he got to partake of the prize: a kiss from Vicky (October 1996)

Cameron Sinclair and Amanda Cory
In Cameron's room at the Cory mansion, with Amanda trying to butter Cameron up so he would reveal his secrets to her (April 1998)

Cameron Sinclair and Josie Watts
In a car Cameron grabbed Josie and kissed her to throw Amanda off his trail after she stumbled across them (April 1995)

Gary Sinclair and Josie Watts
In an empty assembly hall after Josie's graduation (August 1995)

Dennis Wheeler and Marley Hudson
On the docks during a windy night, despite Marley's protestations (May 1992)

Cass Winthrop and Frankie Frame
While spying on Lucas in a park they suddenly had to hide in plain sight, so Cass kissed her (September 13, 1989)

Cass Winthrop and Donna Love
A spontaneous kiss at the climax of group therapy with Dr. Nadine, the Love Doctor (February 1992)

Cass Winthrop and Nicole Love: At the Design House (February 1988)

Cass Winthrop and Lila Roberts
In Lila's apartment while arguing (June 1998)

Cass Winthrop and Caroline Stafford
In Cass's office after Donna had harrangued him about Nicole (June 1989)

Morgan Winthrop and Lorna Devon
At Sassy's, to infuriate Victor, Lorna kissed Morgan, whom she had just met (October 1993)

Morgan Winthrop and Brett Gardner
On her couch in Brett's apartment (February 1994)