(Married on November 11, 1998. Annulled on April 23, 1999)

Matt flipped for Lila when he ran into her on Center Street. He was obnoxious in his pursuit of her, and she was willing enough to be courted by a rich, handsome man. Matthew tried to push his advantage, but Lila wanted to take things slow because her heart still belonged to Shane.

Lila made a slight detour to try to get her hooks back into Shane, but she reconnected with Matt when she felt she could use him to get Shane back. Without much trouble she lured him to her bed where he impregnated her. She then bid him farewell and faked doctor's results to pass the child off as Shane's. But the joke was on Lila when Shane died and, a few months later, his fortune dried up. Lila's energies quickly refocused on Matt and the Cory fortune.

By threatening that he would never see his child unless he did the "honorable" thing, Lila got Matt to propose. They were about to exchange vows when Cass burst in and halted the ceremony by revealing that Matt didn't need to marry Lila to secure his rights as the baby's father. Matt was free to reunite with Sofia, but found he was getting closer to Lila due to the baby they shared.

Jordan Stark tipped the scales in Lila's favor when he hypnotized Matt into marrying her. Lila moved into the Cory mansion and they entered into a loveless marriage. She was desperate to be Matt's wife in every sense, but he was completely uninterested in being more than a father to Jasmine. Meanwhile, Cass, in love with Lila, pointed out the inadequacies of their marriage and tried to win Lila for himself.

Matt realized he had an ally when Anne O'Donnell, a dead ringer for Cass's late wife Frankie materialized. He pressed his suit with Lila, and she constantly went back and forth between him and Cass. Once, heart-broken that Cass seemed to have fallen under Anne's spell, she begged Matt to make love to her, but he refused, realizing her heart wasn't his. Accepting his loss stoically, he agreed to hold Jasmine so she could serve as Lila's maid of honor for Lila's wedding to Cass.