(Married in the 1980s. Divorced on August 27, 1997)

Shane and Lila met in New Orleans when he rescued her from two drunk college boys. She regarded him henceforth as her savior, as he was able to deliver her from a traumatic family situation. They were married very young.

Shane's devotion to his medical career made Lila restless. Shane had an affair with Rebecca Ambrose, the wife of the hospital's chief of staff. When Rebecca was murdered, Shane thought that Lila had done it, and that he had driven her to it. He took the rap in order to protect her and was prepared to face execution. Shane was to escape from prison before the execution could take place, switching identities with a fellow inmate who was killed.

Lila was devastated to be told of Shane's death. When she learned years later that he was alive and well, she forgot all about her unhappiness being married to him and sought to reclaim him from the latest object of his affection, Vicky Hudson. Her tactics involved forgery and tricking Shane into spending the night with her for Vicky's benefit. She succeeded in breaking up Shane and Vicky, but Shane wouldn't come back to her. Shane insisted that his feelings for her had died long ago, and Lila was forced to accept this painful truth.

Shane and Lila became close friends. When Shane was diagnosed with what was thought to be a fatal blood disease, Lila, desperate to help save his life, took it upon herself to look after his wellbeing. Lila discovered that the medication Shane had devised was working, but kept it to herself that he would survive. Thinking he was dying, Shane kept company with Lila and even slept with her. When he found out he would live, he once again distanced himself from Lila.

Desperate to keep Shane, Lila made herself get pregnant by Matthew Cory and planned to pass the child off as Shane's. But Shane was to be grievously injured in a car crash. On his deathbed, Lila tried to tell him she was carrying his child, but Shane died with Vicky's name on his lips.