Freeze FrameIn 1994, Lorna started working for Grant as his public relations director. Lorna enjoyed flirting with Grant and shaking up his ordered world. Grant enjoyed the wildness that Lorna represented.

When Grant believed that his wife Amanda was cheating on him, he turned to Lorna and they had an affair. Lorna was enamored of Grant and was willing to accept whatever he could offer. Grant, who appreciated any woman that worshiped him, mostly used Lorna for his sexual gratification. When it looked like Grant would lose the chance at gaining custody of his son Kirkland because of his infidelity, he broke up with Lorna, who was both enraged and deeply hurt at being rejected.

Freeze FrameAlthough she was repeatedly stung by Grant's reluctance to commit to her and repeatedly confronted with evidence of his manipulative ways, Lorna still hung onto hopes of having a relationship with him. Even when he admitted in court to shooting himself and framing Vicky Hudson for it, she still remained on his side. Now free from Amanda, Grant told Lorna he loved her and then he proposed. She accepted, although neither knew what sort of life they wanted.

Freeze Frame Lorna finally broke off from Grant for good when she found out that he had purposely let Morgan Winthrop overhear him discussing how she and Grant had slept together when she was dating Morgan.