Grant Harrison and Cindy Brooke
Grant's suite, right after their wedding (May 1997)

Grant Harrison and Amanda Cory
The living room floor of Grant's house (March 1994)

Grant Harrison and Paulina Cory
Hotel room (December 1990)

Grant Harrison and Lorna Devon
Hotel suite in Washington. FF (December 1994)

Grant Harrison and Sharlene Frame
Grant's suite (September 1996)

Grant Harrison and Vicky Hudson
Grant's suite in Washington. FF (May 1992)

Ryan Harrison and Brett Gardner
Brett's apartment (May 1993)

Ryan Harrison and Vicky Hudson
Hotel room. FF (February 1991). Recast: A sleazy motel room (July 1991).
Reacquaintance: Hotel room on the beach. FF (September 1993)

Spencer Harrison and Iris Wheeler: Spencer's house. (Fall 1991, not shown)

John Hudson and Sharlene Frame
In the Frame farm barn, after John learned Sharlene had been a prostitute (April 1989)

John Hudson and Felicia Gallant
In John's car, while they were stranded during an ice storm, and after John relived a painful experience from Vietnam (December 1995)

John Hudson and Kelsey Harrison
Hotel room (July 1993)

John Hudson and Donna Love
John's car, despite Donna's protestations. (1966, in a flashback shown in April 1987).
Reacquaintance: Frame farm living room. (February 1992)

Freeze Frame

Michael Hudson and Sharlene Frame
Michael's bedroom at the Hudson farmhouse, with two bottles of wine completely substituting romantic groundwork (April 1996)

Michael Hudson and Donna Love: Love barn. (1966, in a flashback shown in 1986). Reacquaintance: A barn. (1986). Reacquaintance: The Hudson barn, on the night Donna was to marry Matthew. (November 1995)

Michael Hudson and Stacey Winthrop: Michael's 2nd apartment. (April 1991, not shown)

Nick Hudson and Maggie Cory
The Hudson barn, with Maggie desperate to feel loved and Nick desperate to get laid. Observed by Sofia (May 1996)

Freeze Frame

Carl Hutchins and Rachel Cory
Carl's apartment. FF (March 1994)