Freeze Frame

Ken Jordan and Rachel Cory
Ken's house. FF (September 1990)

Scott LaSalle and Cheryl McKinnon
Outdoors during a picnic, during Scott's last day in Bay City (July 1988)

Lucas and Felicia Gallant: Reacquaintance: Felicia's apartment, after Lucas escaped Marius Sloane's attempt to kill him. (September 1990)

Chris Madison and Toni Burrell
In Chris's apartment (June 1998)

Freeze Frame

Jake McKinnon and Paulina Cory
Paulina's bedroom. FF (August 1990). Reacquaintance: KBAY studio. FF (May 1992). Reacquaintance: Cabin. FF (July 1994)

Jake McKinnon and Marley Hudson: Hotel room. (Fall 1986, in a flashback shown in Fall 1991)

Jake McKinnon and Donna Love
Donna's apartment, minutes before Michael arrived to confess his undercover work (February 1990)

Gabe McNamara and Lorna Devon
Gabe's apartment, after which Gabe went to the washroom and wept (February 1996)

Alexander Nikos and Felicia Gallant: Alexander's suite (September 1997)

Freeze Frame

Ian Rain and Paulina Cory
Rainforest. FF (September 1993)

Ian Rain and Josie Watts
Josie's apartment (November 1994)

Tomas Rivera and Maggie Cory: Frame barn (August 1995)

Cameron Sinclair and Josie Watts
On the beach in Boca Lynda, when they thought Gary and Amanda were dead (August 1998)

Gary Sinclair and Josie Watts
Gary's apartment, after Gary rescued Josie from Buck (September 1995)

Dennis Wheeler and Marley Hudson
Outdoors (June 1992)

Dennis Wheeler and Olivia Matthews: Hotel room. (December 1991, not shown)

Cass Winthrop and Frankie Frame
Cass's bedroom (June 1990)

Cass Winthrop and Nicole Love
While stranded on a desert isle (March 1988)

Cass Winthrop and Kathleen McKinnon
At Cecile's house (February 1985)

Morgan Winthrop and Brett Gardner
Outdoors, Wrigley's Field (April 1994)