Derek Dane and Stacey Winthrop
Ken Jordan's house (November 1989)

Sam Fowler and Amanda Cory: Hotel room. (November 1987). Reacquaintance: Cory cabin, with Amanda wearing a towel so tight it looked it would only come off with a crowbar. (Fall 1991)

Sam Fowler and Olivia Matthews
Sam's loft (November 1990)

Freeze Frame

Dean Frame and Jenna Norris
Hotel room in New York City. FF (November 1991)

Evan Frame and Amanda Cory
Evan's apartment. FF (January 1990)

Jamie Frame and Lisa Grady: Hotel room. (August 1987)

Jamie Frame and Kelsey Harrison
Rooftop (July 1992)

Jamie Frame and Marley Hudson
Hotel room (March 1991)

Jamie Frame and Vicky Hudson
Frame farm kitchen table (May 1988)