Kevin Anderson and Lorna Devon
Kevin's apartment, while Kevin was suspected of murdering Lucas. FF (November 1992)

Mitch Blake and Felicia Gallant
Hotel room in Chinatown in San Francisco, after investigating art thieves. FF (June 1987)

Joe Carlino and Paulina Cory
Joe's bedroom (October 1995)

Chris Chapin and Nancy McGowan
In the Star God cave (November 1985)

Adam Cory and M.J. McKinnon
Adam's living room (December 1986 / January 1987)

Matthew Cory and Sofia Carlino
A hotel room in New York City (June 1998)

Matthew Cory and Lorna Devon
Lorna's apartment. FF (August 1991)

Matthew Cory and Donna Love
KBAY van, while trapped in a snowstorm and huddling naked under blankets (December 1993)

Matthew Cory and Lila Roberts
Lila's apartment (February 1998)

Matthew Cory and Josie Watts
Cory cabin (June 1989)