Another World Video Library

March 1994 - August 1994 Highlights (T-160)

Freeze Frames

Ian stops Bonnie from re-recruiting Josie

An intervention for manic Cass

Miscellaneous Highlights

Look familiar? Matt lived her post-Dean and Jenna and pre-Josie and Gary

Morgan preps Vicky for the birth of Kirkland

Paulina is jealous of Jake and Alli

Paulina and Brett swimsuit music montage

"All you need is love, Liz." 30th anniversary celebrations

Different reactions to John being hit by a car

Sharly does business with Ian

Felicia pours Marshall's briefcase a drink

Jake and Paulina can argue just as well in water

... Or in the air

Rachel catches Iris in Carl's arms

Kate meets Sharly

Ryan rescues Jake and Paulina

Donna: "Brace yourself, Bridget"

Carl: "And you, of course, are Jack..."

Iris shoots Carl

Sharly and Grant reunited

Iris: "Brace yourself, little sister."
Evan Frame is back in town