Marley, Donna, and Nicole Donna Love is Marley's mother. For the first 18 years of her life, Marley thought that Donna was her sister. It took her several years to adjust to seeing Donna as her mother, but today the two of them are very close. Marley still calls Donna by her first name, though, as this was how she was brought up.

Freeze Frame Michael Hudson is Marley's father. The two had been very close ever since they discovered each other in 1986. Michael died in 1998.

Marley's twin sister is Vicky Hudson. Marley didn't know she had a twin sister until Vicky presented herself to her in 1985. From 1985 to 1986 Marley tried to get along with Vicky, but Vicky hated Marley because everyone in town adored Marley and hated Vicky. By 1988, they had reconciled.

They had a falling out in 1989 when Marley discovered that Vicky had slept with Jake the year before. They were estranged for the next year, but made up by mid-1990.

Their relationship was at its strongest in 1991 when Vicky stood by Marley's side during her trial for shooting Jake McKinnon. Vicky even impersonated Marley in court when Marley was unable to take the pressure.

The twins were close the next several years. Vicky often ran to Marley to talk over her latest crisis. Marley was absent from Vicky's life from 1994-1997 (due to the actress's stipulation that she not have to play a dual role).

Marley returned in 1997 to give her blessing to Vicky and Jake's wedding. When she returned in 1998 for their father's funeral she learned that Vicky was to blame. Marley, refusing to once again support her twin, cut Vicky out of her life.

Nick Hudson. Marley's half-brother.

Other Relatives
Clara Hudson, paternal grandmother. Elizabeth Love (RIP), maternal grandmother. Reginald Love (RIP), maternal grandfather. Peter Love, uncle. John Hudson, uncle. Nicole Love, aunt. Steven Frame, nephew. Kirkland Harrison, nephew. Gregory Hudson, cousin. Margaret * (RIP), paternal great-grandmother. Joe * (RIP), paternal great-grandfather.