Marshall Kramer and Felicia Gallant
Marshall introduced himself to Felicia at the Harbor Club. Felicia made a complete fool out of herself because she had no idea that Marshall, whom she was expecting, was black (April 1994)

Scott LaSalle and Cheryl McKinnon
Scott tucked himself into bed only to discover Cheryl, a runaway from the convent, was sharing his bed (August 1986)

Zane Lindquist and Felicia Gallant: They literally butted heads one day in BCGH (April 1985)

Peter Love and Sally Frame
Cass introduced them in his office (December 1982)

Peter Love and Brittany Peterson
Brittany walloped Peter with a frying pan when she caught him rifling through her desk (March 1985)

Sam Lucas and Lahoma Vane: At "The Trip" in Bedfordtown, where Lahoma was working as a waitress (October 1967)

Sam Lucas and Lee Randolph: Introduced by John Randolph in his hospital room (August 1967)

Lucas and Felicia Gallant
Reacquaintance: Felicia left the police station, encountering a limousine whose door dramatically swung open and Lucas popped out bearing flowers (June 1989)

Lucas and Iris Wheeler: Lucas made a strong impression when he showed up at her penthouse ready to pitch his ideas for her new magazine (June 1989)

Bill Matthews and Missy Palmer: Campus bridge of the University (May 1964)

Russ Matthews and Rachel Davis: At the emergency ward of the hospital when Rachel was brought in due to collapsing at a fashion show where she worked (May 1967)

Russ Matthews and Cindy Clark: Luella Watson brought an ill Cindy to the Garden Place Clinic to be diagnosed by Russ (May 1970)

Jake McKinnon and Vicky Hudson: When they were about 11, Jake rescued Vicky by decking some revenge-seeking kid she'd P.O.ed

Jake McKinnon and Marley Love
Nancy McGowan formally introduced Marley to Jake at Smiley's Diner (February 1985)

Vince McKinnon and Mary McKinnon: After Vince's family moved to Bay City, he met Mary at mass at St. Mary's church
Reacquaintance: Vince got reacquainted with his dead wife when Mary waltzed into Mary's Place during Vince's birthday bash (October 1986).
Recast: Mary was accosted by Vince in the alley behind Mary's Place (January 1987)

Gabe McNamara and Lorna Devon
Lorna stormed into the station house and singled Gabe out for her wrath over having her purse stolen (October 1995)

Alexander Nikos and Felicia Gallant
When an airline attendant tried to oust Felicia from first class, she demanded to speak to the owner of the airline. This turned out to be Alexander, the man occupying the entire compartment (May 1, 1997)

Ian Rain and Paulina Cory
Paulina was undressing for a quick dip in the Cory pool when Ian swam up and warned her against skinny-dipping (April 1993)

John Randolph and Pat Matthews: Conference room of the local jail (November 1964)