Dean Frame and Jenna Norris
Dean had broken into Felicia's penthouse and was putting the finishing touches on a letter he was typing her informing her of his marvelous singing talent when Jenna traipsed into the room in her nightgown. The two goggled at each other awhile before Dean stammered out an explanation (January 1991)

Jamie Frame and Blaine Ewing Cory: Jamie and Blaine met off-camera at a ranch in Wyoming where he and Dennis spent their summer break that year. (June 1978)

Jamie Frame and Cecile DePoulignac: Elena DePoulignac introduced them in her house shortly after Cecile arrived in Bay City. (June 1979)

Jamie Frame and Lisa Grady: Jamie kissed the woman of his recent daydreams, Lisa, when she stepped of the elevator at the TOPS garage. (February 1987)

Jamie Frame and Kelsey Harrison: Their first meeting could be considered difficult to specify. Kelsey flitted by him at the Valentine's Day Ball and then at her hotel before Jamie pinned her down during her aerobics class. Jamie and Kelsey's first meeting is therefore at the gym since it was the first time they truly acknowledged each other's presence and interracted. (February 1992)

Jamie Frame and Marley Hudson: Reacquaintance: They hit it off when they met in Nice, France. FF. (April 1990)

Jamie Frame and Vicky Hudson
Jamie walked up to Vicky at one of his mother's art shows. Vicky tried to impress him by trashing the artist. (October 1986)
Stylized Recast Reacquaintance: Vicky found her car blocked by Jamie's in the TOPS garage (September 1987)

Steve Frame and Alice Matthews: Steve introduced himself to Alice at Walter and Lenore's wedding reception. (July 1968)

Steve Frame and Rachel Davis: Steve and Rachel met off-screen during Walter and Lenore's wedding reception. (July 1968)

Ernest Gregory and Janet Matthews: Reacquaintance: Janet contacted Ernest to examine Pat, who had become gravely ill due to a botched abortion. Ernest performed the hysterectomy that had left Janet barren and they had developed a friendship, which took place prior to the show's premiere. (September 1964)

Grant Harrison and Sharlene Frame
"What's the matter? Not having any fun?" said Sharly to Grant at a political function (March 1990)

Ryan Harrison and Brett Gardner
Ryan accidentally nailed Brett with a snowball when she got caught in the crossfire of a snowball fight between Ryan, Matthew, and Dean at BayView Court (December 1992)

Ryan Harrison and Vicky Hudson
Ryan rescued Vicky from the frenzied horse she was riding by galloping up beside her (on his horse) and vaulting on behind her and reining it in (July 1990).
Recast: Vicky lured Ryan to a tryst in a sleazy motel room (July 1991)

Spencer Harrison and Iris Wheeler: They met at Kennedy Airport, eight months before Spencer came onto the show. (December 1990, not shown)

John Hudson and Sharlene Frame: Reacquaintance: They were reintroduced in the Frame farm kitchen by Michael. John went up to her and said something like, "Why, Sharlene! I haven't seen you since high school!" (June 1988).
Reacquaintance: Sharlene, as Kate, introduced herself to John in the hospital solarium. (March 1994).

Michael Hudson and Donna Love
Donna had an appointment to meet with her new stableboy and was surprised when Michael walked in. (March 21, 1986)
Reacquaintance: They ran into each other at the Frame barn. (April 1995)

Michael Hudson and Rachel Cory: Reacquaintance: Rachel referred to Michael as her "old high school buddy" when they renewed their acquaintance in 1986. (Summer 1986)

Nick Hudson and Remy
Remy spied on Nick while he was talking to Joe in Carlino's. Then he knocked her down while driving his motorcycle on Center Street and he had to slap her to wake her up (June 1998)

Nick Hudson and Sofia Carlino
Sofia nearly beaned Nick with a two-by-four when he caught her sneaking into Carlino's Restaurant (December 1995)

Nick Hudson and Maggie Cory: Nick was delighted when Maggie walked into the Frame farm kitchen during a family meal. (June 1995)

Carl Hutchins and Rachel Cory
They were introduced by Felicia at the party she threw for him at the Country Club (December 1983)

Reacquaintance: Rachel opened the door to leave Felicia's apartment and ran into Carl (March 1991)

Ken Jordan and Rachel Cory: Ken almost impaled Rachel with a dagger (or was that a spear?) when the latter breezed into the Odyssey. (January 1990)