Wayne Addison and Liz Matthews: They met at Walter and Lenore's house-warming party. (September 1969)

Kevin Anderson and Lorna Devon: They met when she was snooping in his office. (June 1992)

Kevin Anderson and Iris Wheeler: They both jumped into a taxi, from opposite doors, then proceeded to argue about whose it was. (October 1991)

Michael Bauer and Lee Randolph: The waiting room of Memorial Hospital (February 1966)

Mitch Blake and Rachel Cory: Reacquaintance: Mitch peered at Rachel from behind the Cory barn walls (there was this huge blue eye filling the screen) before dramatically popping out. FF. (June 1986)

Joe Carlino and Paulina Cory
Joe watched from the bar as Paulina entered the Harbor Club (March 1995)

Tony Carlisle and Nancy McGowan: Tony flared his nostrils as Nancy gaped at him across the room of the North Woods Inn. (December 1986)

Chris Chapin and Nancy McGowan
Chris first noticed Nancy while hang-gliding. A few days later, he walked past her on his way out of Smiley's diner, and she was curious about him. Later that day, he was leaving Smiley's once again when she walked in yet again, only this time it was Chris who noticed Nancy. (July 1985)

Ted Clark and Rachel Davis: At the Riverboat in Somerset, being introduced to each other by Gerald Davis. (June 1971)

Adam Cory and M.J. McKinnon: At their mutual place of work, the station house. (June 1986)

Mac Cory and Rachel Cory: They first met off-screen when Rachel took a trip to New York with Iris in October of 1973. They met again, onscreen, when Rachel walked onto Iris's patio to pick up Jamie from swimming, and Mac was there playing chess with Dennis. (September 2, 1974)

Matthew Cory and Jenna Norris: They were introduced by Olivia at TOPS during the New Year's Eve party. (January 1991)

Matthew Cory and Lila Roberts
Matthew asked Lila if she had a quarter for the phone, on Center Street (September 1997)

Matthew Cory and Josie Watts
They talked on the phone under the pseudonyms of "Captain Cool" and "Riviera." They first bumped into each other at Sam and Amanda's loft, where Josie was babysitting Alli, but they didn't recognize each other. (June 17, 1988).
Recast: In a New Year's Eve ballroom. (December 31, 1993)

Walter Curtin and Lenore Moore: His office, questioning Lenore on Missy during his investigation into Danny Fargo's murder. (March 1967)

Derek Dane and Stacey Winthrop
They peered at each other across a smoky, dark street (March 1989)

Cecile DePoulignac and Kathleen McKinnon
Cecile found Kathleen tied up in a bedroom when she and Cass came to rescue Kathleen and Sally Frame from Frank Wells' estate. Cecile: "So. You're Kathleen..." Kathleen: "So. You're Cecile"

Fred Douglas and Susan Matthews Shearer: Reacquaintance: Fred re-introduced himself to Susan when he arrived to take Liz Matthews to a Women's Club Banquet. (March 1969)

Ernie Downs and Ada Hobson: At Ernie's Super Service when Ada came to the garage looking for Sam Lucas. (November 1967)

Catlin Ewing and Sally Frame: At a restaurant. (February 1984)

Sam Fowler and Amanda Cory
Sam approached Amanda in the Cory parking lot and, under the misapprehension that she also was hired to park cars, brusquely told her to hop to it. FF (August 1987).
Recast: In the Cory mansion foyer. (August 1990).
Recast: On the bridge of the old mill. (July 1991)

Sam Fowler and Olivia Matthews
It was obsession at first sight when Olivia spied Sam at the dessert table during the Cory's 25th anniversary party. (May 1989)