Shortly after her breakup with John (but before her divorce), Sharlene found Michael an invaluable source of support. One night, after too much liquor, they found themselves in bed together. They seemed to be having a great time of it, until Felicia showed up uninvited. Sharlene was horrified at being so discovered, and used it as the excuse she needed to keep Michael at bay, who looked at her with puppy dog eyes and whined for a real chance with her.

John was pissed when he found out. He blamed Michael for taking advantage of Sharlene and trashed the Hudson living room in his revenge. Michael defended his actions, but he could have saved his breath. Sharlene wasn't interested in more than a one-night stand.

The following year, Michael and Sharlene picked up where they left off. They had some romantic dates, with Michael moving slowly for Sharlene's benefit. Before they hit the sheets, Sharlene had a one-night stand with John. Sharlene told Michael that the act was simply meant to end her relationship with John. But Michael informed her that the only relationship she had succeeded in ending was theirs.