April 11, 1967: During the prologue, Geoffrey Lumb (as Mitchell Dru) assured viewers that they had not missed any important developments in the Danny Fargo murder case while AW was pre-empted due to the AFTRA strike (March 29 - April 10, 1967). Dru summarized D.A. Walter Curtin's case against Missy and Bill's earnest quest to find Sam Lucas, who was a major suspect in the murder. This was followed by the Opening Sequence and the episode proper.

May 1982: After the freeze frame, there was a photo of Hugh Marlowe with his birth and death dates, alerting the viewers to his passing.

February 10, 1988: At the end of the episode for Wally's memorial service, Linda Dano (Felicia) and Stephen Schnezter (Cass) informed viewers that Brent Collins (Wallingford) had died.

After the freeze frame, characters rehashed their personal situation and reminded viewers of the upcoming 25th anniversary celebration.
May 1, 1989: Rachel bemoans the arrival of the Frame family to Mac.
May 2, 1989: Iris looks forward to the arrival of Gwen Frame.
May 5, 1989: Sharlene refuses to allow her past to ruin her romance with John.
May 8, 1989: Amanda telling Sam about the history between Rachel and Alice, featured a shot of a B&W photo of Courtney circa 84-85.
May 9, 1989: John Hudson in the Frame barn talking about Pat Randolph.
May 15, 1989: Vicky talking about the skeletons in the closet of Jamie's family.
May 16, 1989: Josie talking about the Frame family.
Unknown: Matthew in the gym.
Unknown: Jamie talking about Dennis Wheeler.

May 10, 1989: After the freeze frame of his last episode, there was a photo of Douglass Watson with his birth and death dates, alerting the viewers to his passing.

May 17, 1989: After the freeze frame, Cass brought up his upcoming wedding to Nicole and reminisced about Kathleen while a shot of a Black and White photo of Julie Osburn was featured.

August 1991: After the freeze frame, Matt Crane and Ricky Paull Goldin asked viewers to call the 800 number on the bottom of the screen and vote for Dean's back-up band.

March 15, 1993: After the freeze frame, shortly after her death, there was a photo of Constance Ford with her birth and death dates, alerting the viewers to her passing.

April 4 and 6, 1994: After the freeze frame, Tom Eplin (then on April 6 with Julian McMahon) asked viewers to write and tell him what a woman really wants from a man. "Advice for Jake," P.O. Box 2002 at Murray Hill Station.

Winter 1999: After the fade-out, a voice-over encouraged viewers to log on to an internet web site and share their views on the show.

June 14-25, 1999: The last two weeks of the show, the second of two mid-episode logo shots were replaced with mini flashbacks, spotlighting the following actors:

June 18, 1999: After the next-day teaser, Victoria Wyndham encouraged viewers to buy Julie Poll's new book celebrating the 35th anniversary of the show.