May 1982: After the freeze frame, there was a photo of Hugh Marlowe with his birth and death dates, alerting the viewers to his passing.

February 1988: At the end of the episode for Wally's memorial service, Linda Dano (Felicia) and Stephen Schnezter (Cass) informed viewers that Brent Collins (Wallingford) had died.

May 1989: After the freeze frame, characters rehashed their personal situation and reminded viewers of the upcoming 25th anniversary celebration.

May 1, 1989: After the freeze frame of his last episode, there was a photo of Douglass Watson with his birth and death dates, alerting the viewers to his passing.

August 1991: After the freeze frame, Matt Crane and Ricky Paull Goldin asked viewers to call the 800 number on the bottom of the screen and vote for Dean's back-up band.

March 15, 1993: After the freeze frame, shortly after her death, there was a photo of Constance Ford with her birth and death dates, alerting the viewers to her passing.

April 4 and 6, 1994: After the freeze frame, Tom Eplin (then on April 6 with Julian McMahon) asked viewers to write and tell him what a woman really wants from a man. "Advice for Jake," P.O. Box 2002 at Murray Hill Station.

Winter 1999: After the fade-out, a voice-over encouraged viewers to log on to an internet web site and share their views on the show.

June 14-25, 1999: The last two weeks of the show, the second of two mid-episode logo shots were replaced with mini flashbacks, spotlighting the following actors:

June 18, 1999: After the next-day teaser, Victoria Wyndham encouraged viewers to buy Julie Poll's new book celebrating the 35th anniversary of the show.