First Appearance:
October 15, 1993
Last Appearance: October 3, 1996
Portrayer: Grayson McCouch, October 15, 1993 - October 3, 1996.
Arrival: Came to be an intern at BCGH.
Introduction Scene: At Sassy's to Brett Gardner, on bumping into her and knocking her tray of glasses down, "Can I help you with this? I'm... Well, I'm Morgan."


Brett Gardner
Brett met Morgan when she literally ran into him at Sassy's Bar in late 1993. Their relationship was delayed for several months when he went through a rape trial. But it picked up steam in early 1994 when they admitted how much they like each other.

They got close when Brett was thinking of having her breasts enlarged, and later when Brett feared she had breast cancer. Always marriage-shy, they nevertheless registered to become domestic partners in early fall 1994.

In November 1994, Brett got a good job offer in Chicago, and she and Morgan made plans to move there together. Brett left first to make arrangements in Chicago, and while there she inexplicably married her old boyfriend, Rob Nettles. She came back briefly around Christmastime to give Morgan his ring back and to tell him that he wasn't the one.

Brett and Morgan personified the typical 90s couple. They often discussed the new rules of dating that emerged in the 90s, and they tried to act out a "politically correct" relationship.

Freeze FrameCourtney Evans (RIP)
Courtney was a fellow doctor that Morgan took a shine to, but hit a dead end when she told him she was engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Andrew Miller. When Courtney began exhibiting signs of domestic abuse, Morgan intervened and helped her break it off with him. Andrew went psycho and began stalking them. He disconnected the life-support system of various patients and then framed Morgan for the killings. (Andrew's mother apparently had spent her last days tied to similar machines, but this wasn't fully explored.) As his last desperate act, Andrew beat and raped Courtney. She escaped and fled to an abandoned part of BCGH. There, Morgan came to her rescue and saved her from Andrew's intended murder-suicide. Andrew fell from the rooftop during his struggle with Morgan, and spent his last hours connected to life support.

Morgan didn't know how to handle his feelings over Courtney's rape. He became obsessed with finding the Bayside rapist when he came into contact with one of his victims. Courtney just wanted to forget what Andrew did to her, and in exasperation over Morgan's overreaction, she moved out and planned to start at square one with Morgan. Their new start had just begun when Courtney was killed in a freak accident. Morgan was very hurt and lashed out at everyone before coming to terms with his loss.

Lorna Devon
Morgan met Lorna when she came on to him one night at Sassy's. Lorna went so far as to kiss him, but her plan had simply been to show her independence to her then-flame, Victor Rodriguez. She invited Morgan and his friend Kyle Barkley back to her apartment. Later that night events took a tragic turn as Lorna was raped. Not entirely sure of the identity of her attacker, she nevertheless pointed the finger at Morgan. He was charged with the crime and brought to trial, but the charges were dropped when Kyle admitted to the deed.

Needless to say, Morgan and Lorna hated each other for a long time. However, Morgan forgave Lorna for almost ruining his life, and they became friends. As 1994 progressed, Lorna and Morgan found themselves the objects of Felicia's, Lorna's mother, matchmaking. They humored Felicia and pretended to be interested in each other, but eventually their play-acting developed into the real thing. Morgan set about courting Lorna in earnest, but he faced competition from Grant Harrison, who was interested in Lorna for his own depraved purposes.

It was no contest. Lorna left Morgan high and dry for Grant, which really hurt Morgan's ego. Eventually Lorna came to her senses and left Grant, and Morgan was there to pick up the pieces. They had their first real date at the Harbor Club. That same night Morgan found out that Lorna had slept with Grant while they had been together previously. Livid, he yelled at her then walked out on her. Lorna took it badly too, and blamed Morgan for his attitude.

While both were quick to come around and apologize for their overreactions, neither seemed to have the heart to continue with their relationship. They parted and went their separate ways. They remain friends.

Maggie Cory
In 1993 Maggie flirted with Morgan at the Daily Grind Halloween party.

Cindy Brooke
Morgan made romantic overtures to new nurse Cindy, to which she responded. But Morgan was to mysteriously disappear before the relationship could develop any further.

In late 1993, Lorna Devon accused Morgan of rape. He was innocent of the crime, but there was enough evidence to make him stand trial for a couple of months. Although Lorna didn't remember the face of her attacker, she knew that Morgan had tried to make love to her that night, and his was the last face she saw before passing out. During the trial it was revealed that Morgan's friend, a fellow doctor named Kyle Barkley, had returned to Lorna's apartment and raped her. Morgan was cleared of all charges.

In 1996, Courtney's ex-boyfriend Andrew Miller framed Morgan for the recent slew of plug-pulling "mercy killings" at the hospital.

Morgan is a doctor. He worked at Bay City General Hospital until he disappeared in late 1996.

When his lover Brett Gardner left him in December 1994, he quit medicine and became a carpenter for several months (he helped build Wallingford's Bookstore) before returning to his true calling.