Up until the early 1980s, all music was provided by Score Productions. Music was used primarily at the beginning and end of scenes. The show's original music producer was Clarke Morgan.

Danny Fargo (Anthony Ponzini) wrote songs for his girlfriends. One of them, "Under The Moon With You," hit the airwaves and was performed by Marcella Martin (as girlfriend Flo Murray). It was a musical collaboration between Agnes Nixon and organist Clarke Morgan (once a musical director). Morgan also created a special "nagging" melody for Aunt Liz.

Theme Songs

Cass and Frankie: "Everything I Do I Do It for You," Rascal
Cass and Kathleen: "If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful," Jermaine Jackson and Whitney Houston
Catlin and Sally: "When"; "Almost Paradise," Mike Reno and Ann Wilson
Dennis and Marley: "Only in My Dreams"
Evan and Amanda: "When I See You Smile," Bad English
Grant and Vicky: "Dream Love," Billie Hughes
Jake and Paulina: "I Never Believed in Love," Alfie Silas
Jamie and Kelsey: "One Step Closer," Anne Marie Radel
Jamie and Marley: "Just One Moment," Kyle Gordon and Rachele Cappelli
John and Sharlene: "Don't Know Much," Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt
Matthew and Josie: "Until Forever," Deitra Hicks and Evan Rogers
Michael and Donna: "Tender Love"
Ryan and Vicky: "I Know That This is Love," Mike Hadley and Cathy Spurr
Scott and Cheryl: "Natural Love", Sheena Easton; "Step by Step," J.D. Souther
Jake's Theme: "Can't Get Enough," Winger.

"Another World" Lyrics

Another World
(written by John Leffler and Ralph Schuckett (Warner Bros. Records), performed by Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris)

I've always seen myself
as a reckless* gambler
risking all that I had
whenever I could

But when I found you I felt different
Than I ever felt before
Suddenly I was taking no chances
by walking through your door

You are my way
to Another World
You are the one who helps me fly so high
You are the rain when my spirits run dry

You give my life
a hope that's so real
'Cause when I'm with you
you take me away
to Another World

All my life I've been called
a hopeless romantic
Waiting for my prince to sweep me away
But then one day it happened
You appeared like from a dream
And we moved in synch like dancing
with our hearts in harmony

[* Gary Morris has been known to substitute the word "restless" for "reckless."]

Music Availability

The original theme from 1964-1974 is available on "Original Themes From the Great Soap Operas" (Columbia House/Realm Records, 1977). This record is out of print, but copies may exist at flea markets and such.

"Television Theme Recordings" by Steve Gelfand (Popular Culture Ink., 1984) has the 1981-1987 opening.

The Gayle/Morris theme song is available on Crystal Gayle's "What if We Fall in Love?" (1987) and "Crystal Gayle: Duets" (2000), and on Gary Morris's "Gary Morris Greatest Hits Vol. II" (1990). The chorus used for the opening segment is available for download from Sound America, under "Themes."

The songwriter version of the theme song, along with "Ladykiller," Jamie and Marley's theme, and Jamie and Kelsey's theme, are available on "Soap Opera's Greatest Love Themes Vol. II" (1992).

Grant and Vicky's theme and Jake and Paulina's theme are available on "Soap Opera's Greatest Love Themes Vol. III."

Ryan and Vicky's theme is available on "Soap Opera's Favorite Wedding Music" (1995).

James Dunne has written, produced, or published many of the songs used on Another World. Rick Rhodes has composed music for the show.

End-Credit Music

In the 1970s until September 4, 1981, a theme similar to the opening was played during the end credits.

From September 7, 1981 - March 26, 1987, a tune similar to the new opening theme was played.

From 1987-1996, there were three choices for end credit music.

For about two years from 1987-1989, an instrumental version of the theme song was played occasionally.

From 1996-1999, a new jazzy end theme was played during the end credits.

Special end music for regular episodes has included the following:

Music Montages

"The writers or the Producers will come up with an idea for a montage and give the information to a Production Coordinator and that person will research through scripts and story summaries to find the appropriate scenes for the montage. After all the scenes are chosen, the Associate Director will work closely with the Editor to piece the montage together to make it look warm and loving, or scary, or whatever it needs to be, afterward, the music director will add appropriate music to enhance the montage. Some times if editing to the beat in a particular musical piece is important, we will put the music in before editing the video in. The producer has the final word on the montage before it is put into the show." (Karen Thomas, AW Editor, for the AWHP, 1997)




Ricky Paull Goldin (Dean Frame) and Rascal, his back-up band Dean Frame's Songs

Oh, Jenna; Ladykiller; Nothing Can Stand in the Way of Love; Only with You; All the Love I've Got (Tommy Kent, co-writer); A New Light Shines; The Man of My Dream

Dean's backup band, Rascal were portrayed by: Sean Anthony, Lisa Bekker, Chris Howell, and Jeff Warren