JANUARY 5, 1981
Ada tells Mac and Jamie that she hopes they find Rachel before the police do. Mac tells them that he is sure Rachel will follow the map to find Mitch and Jamie hopes they can find her fast. / Zachary gets a call from the prison warden and learns that Rachel is missing. Then he decides to go talk to Brian about it. / Larry arrives at the Arena. / Joey asks Larry what is wrong but Larry says everything is fine. Larry also tells Joey that he is tired of waiting for the good life and Joey says he can understand that. / Nellie tries to keep Zachary out of Brian's office but Zachary enters and asks Brian where Rachel is. Then Zachary tells Brian that Rachel is a fugitive. / Clarice shows up at Ada's. / Jordan asks Blaine if she is okay because she seems a little down but she tells him that she is fine. / Clarice tells Ada how Larry has been acting crazy, first with a sports car and now he borrowed money from Jordan Scott to buy a house. / Joey calls Blaine and tells her that Larry is with him and acting funny. / Back at the Cory house, Mac and Jamie finally decide not to wait any longer for Brian to call and as they open the door to leave an officer tells them that he has to detain them for questioning. / Blaine tells Larry to go home to his family but he tells her that he is tired of waiting for the good things in life and doesn't see anything wrong in wanting them now. Then Jordan arrives and asks if everything is okay. / Brian arrives and tells Mac and Jamie not to say anything. He also tells them that Colton hasn't had enough time to go through the courts to prevent them from going after Rachel. Then Zachary arrives. / Larry tells Jordan that he isn't going home tonight to show everyone where he stands. So Jordan offers Larry a place to spend the night as his guest. / Ada advises Clarice to talk to Larry so she calls home but he isn't there. Clarice also tells Ada that Leigh is going to move to Bay City. / Brian gets on Zachary's case and tells them that unless he has the legal means to detain them he is out of line. / Ada tells Clarice that it will be nice to have Charlie's son around. Then she tells Clarice that it looks like Rachel has taken off to find Mitch. / Larry accepts Jordan's offer and when he leaves with Joey, Blaine asks Jordan what he is trying to do. / Zachary accuses Mac of arranging this situation. Mac tells Colton to get out but Colton promises that if he plans to meet up with Rachel he won't be far behind. Outside Zachary tells the police to make sure that they know they are being watched and then make it appear like they are being pulled off the watch and that's when he really wants them to be watched. / Blaine gets upset with Jordan and tells him that if he hadn't given Larry a place to stay he might have gone home to Clarice. Jordan tells Blaine he misjudged Larry and that he has a lot more ambition than he thought. / As Larry checks into his room, Joey asks Larry if he is okay. Larry tells Joey he is fine. Then he remembers fighting with Clarice. / Brian advises Mac and Jamie to stay home because of the police outside. After Brian leaves, Jamie notices that the police are gone. Mac tells him it could be a trap but both men decide to take a chance and leave to go find Rachel.

JANUARY 6, 1981
After Tracy rehearses "The Rose" with Dooley and Jason, Jason gets a call from Jordan asking to see him today. / Russ tells Dr. Burger he has arrived at a decision about the new care unit. / Blaine calls Clarice (who is upset that Larry didn't come home last night) and asks her to meet her at the Arena in an hour. / Russ tells Dr. Burger that he is accepting the position and wants to be able to select the people for the unit. Dr. Burger agrees and cautions Russ that this job will be a very demanding and time consuming position. / Clarice meets Blaine and Blaine tells her that Larry spent the night at the Arena. Blaine also tells her she may need to give in on this issue with Larry. Then Larry enters. / Cecile goes over Philip's work with him and reminds him that Mac and Jamie have left her in charge. Cecile also tells Philip that Pat called in sick and she wonders if she is sick sick or drunk sick. / Blaine meets Jess and Jordan and Jess gives Blaine her first profit check. / Russ tells Olivia that he has accepted the job and would like her to be his assistant. / Larry and Clarice apologize to each other. Then Clarice tells Larry she thinks she has a way for them to get the house without Jordan's money. / Blaine is surprised by how much money the check is for and thanks Jess and Jordan. Jess tells Blaine he appreciates her help with the docks project. When Blaine leaves, Jordan assures Jess that Margo Grove is being taken care of. / Margo signs the papers on the sale of the house and thanks Brian for all his legal help. Then Margo tells Brian that Jerry is enjoying his time in Florida and has found a couple homes for her to choose from. After the closing on Thursday Margo tells Brian that she is going to put her stuff in storage and then head to Florida, stopping to visit some friends along the way. Margo tells Brian her one regret is Blaine and she is very worried about her. / Clarice tells Larry that Leigh is going to move to Bay City and live with them. Clarice goes on to tell him that she wants to go back into working as a beautician to earn extra money. Larry decides it is a good idea because then he can use Jordan's money to fix up the house. Then Blaine enters and asks to speak to Larry alone. / Jordan tells Jason that his bosses want to be his new silent partner in running the club. Jordan makes Jason an offer but Jason tells him he will think about it. Tracy wonders what business deal Jordan proposed. / Blaine shows Larry the check from the big boss and says she is giving it to him to get the house instead of borrowing the money from Jordan. Larry tells Blaine that at least he is borrowing the money without selling himself like she has. / Eileen gives Philip some more work and tells him that Pat Randolph would like him to call her at her home. / Jason tells Tracy that Jordan wants to buy into the club and that he would have an answer for him tomorrow. Tracy tells Jason she doesn't trust Jordan and suggests he say no but Jason tells her he doesn't know.

JANUARY 7, 1981
Cecile calls Pat and tells her that she needs her to come to work. Pat tells her she doesn't feel up to it. Cecile tells Pat if she doesn't come to work then she can't keep her job open. / Clarice meets Joey at the Roller Disco and tells her that since the Roller Disco closed down last week she needs his help with Ada and has a plan for the space. / When the phone rings Pat decides it must be Cecile and won't answer it but it is Philip calling her. / Marianne visits Rick at the lab and tells him he is working too hard and not getting enough sleep. Rick then apologizes for canceling dinner on her but says he has to work late so they make plans for dinner on Friday instead. / Clarice tells Joey that she thinks Ada needs something of her own. Clarice tells Joey the Health Connection owns this space and intends to turn the space into service shops. Clarice tells Joey she would like the space to be used for Ada's Beauty Parlor. / Cecile tells Liz she is in a terrible position because Pat hasn't come to work again. Then she tells Liz she had no choice but to tell Pat to come in or she would lose her job. / Jordan tells Jess that he thinks Jason will agree to the deal for the Supper Club and has a meeting with him this afternoon. Then Jess tells Jordan that their entire operation is moving to Bay City in a few months. / Kit tells Rick that Miranda hasn't been herself lately. Then she gets on Rick's case for seeming edgy and not taking care of himself. Kit also tells Rick that Jerry is in Florida looking for a house for Margo and she isn't sure the time it takes to get involved is worth it. / Marianne visits Liz and learns that she thinks Pat is drinking again and Cecile told Pat that if she doesn't come to work, she will lose her job. / Joey tells Clarice that the beauty parlor sounds like a great idea. Clarice asks him to help out getting the place in shape. / Marianne tries to convince Pat to go back to work. Pat tells her that Philip has walked out on her so she doesn't care about work. / Jordan tells Jason that he should stop in and see Ilsa Bower while in Vegas because she will show him a good time. Jason tells Jordan that he would like to wait until he gets back from Vegas to decide on the deal for the Supper Club. / At the hospital, Philip meets with Marianne and tells her that he isn't trying to hurt Pat but she doesn't need him because she has been using him as a crutch with her drinking problem. Philip also tells Marianne that he could have accepted her drinking problem but chose instead to walk away and make Pat face it. / Jordan tells Jess that he thinks Jason will go for the deal because he seems interested in the organization. / Marianne tries to talk to Pat but Pat tells her that she wants to be left alone. Marianne tells Pat that she may get what she wants. / Bill Eastlake and Chuck Mullhollen of the FBI arrive at Zachary Colton's office. Colton tells them that if they follow Rachel Cory's husband and son they will lead them to her.

JANUARY 8, 1981
Bill Eastlake and Chuck Mullhollen of the FBI arrive at Zachary Colton's office. Colton tells them that if they follow Rachel Cory's husband and son they will lead them to her. Colton also tells them that Rachel has some crazy idea that the man she shot and killed is still alive. / Pat remembers Philip being angry with her after she drank New Year's Eve. Then Liz is surprised to see Pat at work. Pat tells Liz to tell Cecile she is here and stone cold sober. / Rachel calls Sue from a pay phone and tells her that she needs to speak to her and asks to come over and got the address from Ernie. However, Sue hangs up. / Colton tells the FBI that he thinks Mac and Rachel Cory have arranged a rendezvous in order to leave the country together. He also tells them that there is no way Blake could be alive. Then Larry enters and learns he will be assisting the FBI on this case. / Marianne visits Rick at the lab and asks him to get a bite to eat with her. She also tells Rick she doesn't think he looks real healthy. / Pat accuses Liz of running to Marianne with news about Pat's job. When Liz defends Cecile, Pat calls her a bigger fool than she thought. Then Liz walks out. / Colton tells Larry he wants him on this case. Larry tells them from what he understands Mac and Rachel are looking for Mitch Blake. / Margo thanks Brian for all his help on the sale of the house and then tells him that she is going to be leaving for Florida right away. / Clarice and Joey tell Larry that they are thinking of buying the Roller Disco and turn it into a beauty parlor for Ada. Then Clarice realizes Larry is packing and he tells her that they need to talk. / Liz brings Cecile to Pat's office but Pat isn't there. Liz tells Cecile that she was in earlier. Then Cecile tells Liz she is growing very close to Jamie again and wants to do a good job while he gone. Then Pat enters and Liz leaves her to talk with Cecile. / On the phone, Margo talks to Jerry (off-camera) and tells him she will be stopping in New Orleans and Mobile on the way to Florida and will be leaving right away. / Marianne notices that Rick seems warm and asks him to see a doctor. Then she tells him she is concerned about her mother's drinking. Rick tells her that there is nothing she can do and her mother has to want to stop on her own. / Joey leaves and then Larry tells Clarice he has to leave town because Colton wants him to work with the FBI in finding Mac, Rachel, and Jamie. / When Margo gets in her car to leave she is surprised by an unknown man who tells her not to say a word and to just drive straight ahead. / Cecile and Pat have a run-in and then Cecile fires Pat. / Joey arrives at the lab and asks Rick to get a bite with him but Rick declines. When Joey leaves, Rick collapses. / Rachel finds Sue and tells her she isn't going to let her go until she gets the information she has come for.

Notes: Last appearance by Judy Cassmore as Margo Grove.

JANUARY 9, 1981
Sue tells Rachel that they left the wounded man at a doctor's office outside the town of Green Gables. / Kit runs into Joey at the hospital and he tells her that he was supposed to eat with Rick. They both decide that he didn't look good earlier. / Rick is unconscious in the lab. / In a restaurant Mac and Jamie decide to look into finding the doctor's offices rather than finding Sue. The first town they will hit is Green Gables. / Joey tells Kit that he is doing good and enjoys working at the Arena. Joey also tells her that he is living at Ada's for now. Then Linda tells Kit that there is a call for her. / Zachary visits Miranda and tells her that Mac is going to stay with Rachel. He also says that he thinks Mac and Rachel are planning to rendezvous and then leave the country together. / At the diner, Larry and the FBI ask about Rachel. They learn that no one has seen her but they have seen two men a little while ago that match Mac and Jamie's descriptions. Larry also learns that they wanted to know the quickest route to Green Gables. / Rick gets up and then collapses again. / Joey finds Rick on the floor and Rick tells him he feels dizzy. Joey calls for some help so then Linda and Russ arrive. / Miranda tells Kit that she is leaving town and going back to Philadelphia. Kit asks her if her leaving has something to do with Mac and Miranda admits that Mac is part of it. Then Linda arrives and tells Kit that Rick has been rushed to the emergency room. / Rachel pays a visit to the doctor's house. / The doctor tells Rachel that he treated a man for a gun shot wound a few months ago. Then Rachel shows him a picture of Mitch and the doctor confirms that it was Mitch he treated but he claimed to have amnesia. The doctor goes on to say that the man stole some money and probably headed for the train yard. / Russ tells Rick that he has a bad case of the flu and will be staying in the hospital over night. Then Kit enters and learns Rick has the flu and doesn't want to stay in the hospital. / Rachel asks a train worker about the train routes and tells him she is looking for a man who might have hopped a train at night. The worker tells Rachel that the only train at night goes to Red River, Colorado and that's where some train hoppers camp out. So Rachel decides to take the train to Red River. / Joey tells Russ that Rick can stay with him at Ada's. Rick agrees to it and then Kit thanks Joey for his help. / Kit tells Linda that she realized today that she is starting over again. Kit also says that with Amy, Brad, and now Miranda leaving she realizes that you cannot run away from your problems. / On the train Rachel remembers Sue saying that they left the man at a doctor's house and the doctor telling her that the man took off after he treated the wound and about a small camp where railroad bums hung out together. Then she learns that she is four hours away from Red River. / Mac and Jamie arrive at the doctor's office and learn that Rachel was there and that Mitch is alive. When Mac and Jamie leave, the doctor realizes that the lady is Rachel Cory and calls the police.