Anne Howard


First Appearance: July 5, 1983
Last Appearance: May 20, 1993
Portrayers: Kim Morgan Greene, July 5, 1983 - June 1984.
Laurie Landry, November 3, 1986 - March 23, 1987.
Anne Howard, September 16, 1987 - July 20, 1989; May 20, 1993.
Arrival: (Kim Morgan Greene) Came to visit Peter Love and escape New York.
(Laurie Landry) Returned at the request of her sister Donna Love.
(Anne Howard) Returned while tracking down Barbara Van Arkdale, who had stolen her clothes designs.
Departure: (Kim Morgan Greene) Left when Jamie Frame refused to give her a commitment.
(Anne Howard) Left because she was institutionalized.

Introduction Scenes: (Kim Morgan Greene) To Peter Love in his apartment, "Ask me what the secret is for becoming a successful model."
(Laurie Landry) Mary's Place, to Michael Hudson (RIP), "Mr. Hudson?"
(Anne Howard) A warehouse, to Cass Winthrop, "Cass?"
Exit Scenes: (Laurie Landry) Over the phone to Michael Hudson (RIP), "Please be careful, okay?"
(Anne Howard) The hospital, being dragged away by John Hudson and Jamie Frame, to Cass Winthrop, "Cass!"
Birthday: About 1955.
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Relatives: Elizabeth Love (RIP), mother. Reginald Love (RIP), father. Donna Love, sister. Peter Love, brother. Marley Hudson, niece. Vicky Hudson, niece. Steven Frame, great-nephew. Kirkland Harrison, great-nephew.
Lovers: Jamie Frame (1983-1984) and Cass Winthrop (fiance) (1987-1989).
Flirtations: Perry Hutchins (RIP) (1983) and Ted Bancroft.
Medical History: Was addicted to drugs. Had a mental breakdown (1989).
Legal History: Killed Jason Frame (RIP).
Former Occupations: Model, singer, and clothes designer.

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