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Christopher Knight (Leigh Hobson): Dr. Andrews, "Bold and the Beautiful," 2010

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Peter Lochran (Daniel Gabriel): Prince Ali, "Capitol," 1986

Lindsay Lohan (Alli Fowler): Chrissie, "Guiding Light, 1993

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Dahlia Salem (Sofia Carlino): Claire Walsh, "General Hospital," 2010-2011

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Hillary Scott (Alli Fowler): Abigail's friend, "As the World Turns," 1997. Young Dorian Lord, "One Life to Live," 1997-1998. Susan's friend, "Guiding Light," 1999

Diego Serrano (Tomas Rivera): Diego Gutierrez, "Young and the Restless," 2001-2002

Ted Shackelford (Raymond Gordon): William/Jeff Bardwell, "Young and the Restless," 2006-2015

Fran Sharon (Susan Matthews Shearer): Janet Bergman, "Search for Tomorrow," 1961-1962. Elaine "Cookie" Pollock, "Edge of Night" 1962-1964; 1964-1972. Rachael Lead, "The Doctors and the Nurses," 1964

Michelle Shay (Henrietta Morgan): Prison guard, "As the World Turns," 1997

Tina Sloan (Dr. Olivia Delaney): Patti Baron, "Search for Tomorrow," 1976-1977. "Edge of Night," 1979. Lillian Raines, "Guiding Light," 1983-2009

Peg Small (Clara Hudson): Edna, "As the World Turns," 2005

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Taylor Stanley (Remy Woods): Day player, "All My Children," 1997/1998

Helen Stenborg (Helga Lindeman): Dr. Thompson, "Ryan's Hope," 1976. "One Life to Live," Sarah Nuland, 1994; Hannah Graham, 1997

Nadine Stenovitch (Josie Watts): "All My Children." "Guiding Light." Pauline, "Days of Our Lives, 2014

Paul Stevens (Brian Bancroft): "Modern Romances," 1954-1958. Dr. Creely, "The Doctors and the Nurses, " 1962-1964. Mike Stefani, "The Young Marrieds," 1964. Dr. Paul Fuller, "The Nurses," 1965-1967. Steve Hurley, "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing," 1968. Dr. Bruce Henderson, "Young and the Restless," 1975-1976

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Duke Stroud (Vince McKinnon): George Summers, "Young and the Restless," 1995, 2002

Shepperd Strudwick (Jim Matthews): Dr. Field, "As the World Turns," 1962. Dr. Roger Bartlett, "The Doctors and the Nurses," 1964. Victor Lord, "One Life to Live," 1974-1976. Prof. Timothy McCauley "Love of Life," 1980

Anna Stuart (Donna Love): Toni Ferra Powers, "The Doctors," 1971-1977. Dr. Gina Dante, "General Hospital," 1977. Vanessa Chamberlain, "Guiding Light," 1980-1981. Rae Cummings, "One Life to Live," 1999. Mary Greenlee Smythe, "All My Children," 2002-2005, 2009

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Dolph Sweet (Gil McGowan): Ezra Hern, "Dark Shadows," 1966. Harry Constable, "Edge of Night," 1967-1968

Robin Thomas (Mark Singleton): Dr. Matt Butler, "As the World Turns," 1981-1982

Victoria Thompson (Janice Frame): Lauralee Brooks, "Young and the Restless, 1978

John Tillinger (Leonard Brooks): Dr. Richard Harper, "Search for Tomorrow," 1985

Cali Timmins (Paulina Cory Carlino): Maggie Shelby, "Ryan's Hope," 1983-1989

Paul Tinder (Jerry Grove): Dr. Brian Graham, "Another Life," 1984. "Days of Our Lives," Bartender, 1986; Paul Stewart, 1987, Father Pat; 1993

Russell Todd (Jamie Frame): Jordy Clegg, "Capitol," 1986. Brad Carlton, "Young and Restless," 1993. Jeff Bim, "The Bold and the Beautiful," 1995

Patrick Tovatt (Zane Lindquist): Richard Randolph, "Ryan's Hope," 1981. Chuck Hampton, "Guiding Light," 1985. Matt/Malcolm McCleary, "Search for Tomorrow," 1986. Cal Stricklyn, "As the World Turns," 1988-1998

Joey Trent (Russ Matthews): Joey Baker, "The Doctors and the Nurses," 1963

Vana Tribbey (Alice Matthews Frame): Nurse Lee McClennand, 1985

Paul Tulley (Scott Bradley): Larry Wolek, "One Life to Live," 1968. "Days of Our Lives," Shane's Man #2, 1984

Paul Michael Valley (Ryan Harrison): Josef Avalon, "One Life to Live," 2001. "Guiding Light," Joel Silver, 2002; Cal, 2006-2007

Kathryn Walker (Barbara Weaver): Emily Rogers Hunter, "Search for Tomorrow," 1972-1973. Eileen Littlejohn, "All My Children," 1974. Fawn Lassiter, "Beacon Hill," 1975

Douglass Watson (Mac Cory): Dr. Robert Wallace, "Moment of Truth," 1965. Walter Haskins, "Search for Tomorrow," 1967-1968. Dr. Lloyd Phillips, "Love of Life," 1972-1973

Ann Wedgeworth (Lahoma Vane Lucas): "Edge of Night," Marie Warren, 1963; Angela Talbot, 1966. Charlie Barnes, "One Life to Live," 1985

Ellen Weston (Karen Gregory): Robin Fletcher, "Guiding Light," 1963-1964. Suzanne Thurston-Lynch, "Young and the Restless," 1981

Ellen Wheeler (Marley/Vicky Love): Cindy/Karen Parker, "All My Children," 1987-1988. Sarah Rishmond, "The Bold and the Beautiful," 1995

Nancy Wickwire (Liz Matthews): Lila Taylor Kelly, "Guiding Light," 1954-1955. "Way of the World," 1955. Claire Lowell Cassen, "As the World Turns," 1960-1964. Phyllis Anderson, "Days of Our Lives," 1972-1973

Kathleen Widdoes (Rose Perrini): Jill Malone, "Young Doctor Malone," 1958-1959. Helen Dulles, "Secrets of Midland Heights, 1981. Una MacCurtain, "Ryan's Hope," 1983. Emma Snyder, "As the World Turns," 1985-2010

Tom Wiggin (Gil Fenton): Kirk Anderson, "As the World Turns," 1988-1998. "Guiding Light," Sam Kershaw, 1999; Lawrence Decker, 2008

Kate Wilkinson (Clara Hudson): Mrs. Perkins, "Edge of Night," 1966. Mother Irene, "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing," 1973. Viola Stapleton, "Guiding Light," 1975-1981

Murial Williams (Helen Moore): Lydia Harrick, "The Brighter Day," 1956-1958. Grace Baker, "As the World Turns" 1962

Alicia Leigh Willis (Alli Fowler): "Days of Our Lives," Debra Frazer, 2014. Courtney Matthews, "General Hospital," 2001-2006, 2015

Alexandra Wilson (Josie Watts): Sage Holland, "As the World Turns" 1987. April Hathaway, "Loving," 1987

Victoria Wyndham (Rachel Cory Hutchins): Charlotte Waring Bauer, "Guiding Light," 1967-1970

Stephen Yates (Jamie Frame): Ben McFarren, "Guiding Light," 1976-1982

Janis Young (Bernice Robinson): Greta Hitchcock, "Our Five Daughters" 1962. Millie, "Edge of Night," 1965

Louis Zorich (Milo Simonelli): Detective Oliver Jones, "Ryan's Hope," 1981

George Reinholt and Jacqueline Courtney as Tony Lord and Pat Ashley on OLTL.