Paulina's mother, Maria Hernandez DeSilva, died when Paulina was only about a year old. With no one to care for her, Paulina was taken to the United States where she was placed in various orphanages.

Her father is the late Mac Cory, whom she never knew, having come to Bay City a year after he died. Mac had an affair with Maria 30 years ago when Mac was a reporter covering the revolution in San Cristobal. Mac and Maria genuinely loved each other. Mac was forced to return to the United States but planned to bring Maria to him. Those plans were canceled when he learned she died. Mac never knew that Maria had been pregnant with his child.

Freeze FrameFreeze FramePaulina regards Rachel Cory Hutchins, Mac's widow, as her step-mother, and the two are very close.

Dante Carlino, son. Dante was born in 1996.

Paulina gave birth to daughter Remy Woods on her sixteenth birthday. Poor and abandoned by the father, she agreed to sell the baby, but gave her a locket whose identical companion locket she kept herself. In 1999, after the kidnapping of Jasmine Cory, Paulina resolved to find her child. Remy's friend Tito Banacek scammed her into thinking he was her child in an attempt to get his hands on a share of the Cory fortune. Lucikly, Tito was jailed for murder and Paulina and Remy reunited at Remy's hospital bedside.

Paulina has three half-siblings on her father's side.

Sandy Cory. Sandy left town in 1985 but returned for one week in June 1993, where he met Paulina for the first time. The two were very glad to finally meet.

Amanda Cory. Amanda and Paulina enjoy a happy relationship.

Paulina slugs IrisIris Wheeler. Iris hated Paulina when she first came to town. There was little proof at first that Paulina was really Mac's child, and Iris refused to consider the possibility. Iris hated the idea of sharing her father's legacy. She hired Jake McKinnon to discredit Paulina's claim. In 1991, through an investigation of her own, Iris uncovered proof that Paulina was indeed a Cory. Iris was forced to accept her, though grudgingly. Iris and Paulina are far from close, but both will stand by the other out of family loyalty.

Other Relatives
Alfred Cory, uncle. Dennis Wheeler, half-nephew. Maggie Cory, half-niece. Alex Cory, half-nephew. Alli Fowler, half-niece. Neal Cory, cousin. Adam Cory, cousin.