Freeze FramePaulina and Ian became close in the summer of 1993 when they teamed up to uncover what really happened between their fathers (Mac Cory and Leon Rain) thirty years ago. At this time, Paulina had broken up with her fiance, Jake McKinnon, and was particularly vulnerable.

Freeze FramePaulina found herself drawn to Ian because of his honesty and the high value he placed on the truth. Ian fell hard for Paulina because she was the first person he had ever let himself get close to. They made love for the first time in the jungles of San Cristobal.

Freeze FrameFor about a year they pursued a relationship, but Paulina was seeking more from Ian than he was ready to give. She wanted a home and children, but Ian told he was far from ready for such a step. Realizing they could never reconcile their differences, they broke up in May 1994.

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