In late 1990, when he realized that his relationship with Sharlene Frame was over, Grant began seeing Paulina. They made love in December of that year and several months later he asked her to marry him. Paulina was forced to turn down the offer because she had got herself into a deep mess with Jake McKinnon.

When her business with Jake was over, Paulina returned to Grant and he accepted her back with open arms. They got re-engaged in early 1992. However, both had lost what little romantic feeling they had had for each other. Paulina was still heavily involved with Jake, and Grant had already set his sights on Vicky Hudson. They broke up a month later.

Their relationship was seldom mentioned henceforth. Although each character had very little to do with the other, they remained friends. They supported each other in 1995 when Amanda left Grant and Paulina thought Jake dead.

In 1997, Grant targeted Paulina as an enemy in his upcoming custody fight for Kirkland. He sought to discredit her by drugging her, but he also managed to burn down her home.